Day 23: Candy Cane & The Night Before The Night Before Christmas

Christmas is a time of sweets. Well it is here. My children do not regularly have sweets and so Christmas is a time when they go mad with them a bit. When I saw a lovely toilet roll holder creation involving Candy Canes on Claire Justine’s Instagram it gave me the idea to make a Candy Cane TRH craft, for the next in the Christmas TRH Book Advent series.

candy cane craft

It really is simple. Paint your TRH either white or red (we went for white). Then simply spin around it, in a diagonal fashion, some ribbon (if you painted it red then use white, we painted white so used red ribbon). We attached the ribbon using just a glue stick. Then take some candy canes (we used 3) and secure them together using some more ribbon. Secure them inside the TRH with tape – to make the top of the cane. We stuffed some more candy canes out of sight inside the TRH otherwise the weight of the canes makes the TRH fall over.

The 23rd of December means that it is The Night Before the Night Before Christmas (Richard Scarry). We welcomed this book into our traditions last year. I like this book because, for us, Christmas Eve is a really big day with us having Christmas dinner (see my post on special needs), so the night before really is a time before all the excitement really builds up. In the story everyone is excited, and no-one can sleep. It is a time when everyone is excited and getting ready for the big day, with so much going on. In fact everyone is so busy that there’s a mix up and Santa thinks it is the Night before Christmas, not the Night Before the Night Before Christmas! It is such a fun book and the illustrations are gorgeous.

The Night Before the Night Before Christmas

ISBN: 978-0-00-738219-4



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10 thoughts on “Day 23: Candy Cane & The Night Before The Night Before Christmas”

  1. Oh I love Richard Scarry books, I had them when I was young and I always loved the pictures. I have never seen that one, I will have to look out for it. Love the candy cane holder, very festive!

  2. I actually wanted to make my own candy canes this year, but for some reason I didn’t get round to doing – oh yeah might have been the Christmas stress 😉 Reading a lovely Christmas book might make me forget about it x


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