Day 18 Carol Singer and Mr Men A White Christmas

You may be aware that it was Christmas Jumper Day and money was raised for Save the Children. Please do donate even £1 (for which 99p will go to STC) and can buy:

  • one day’s high-nutrient food to help treat a severely malnourished child
  • nine sachets of oral rehydration treatment for children suffering from life-threatening diarrhoea
  • antibiotics to treat three newborn babies with potentially deadly infections

I thought that this was a perfect time to make a Carol Singer TRH craft (for the Christmas TRH Book Advent) wearing their own Christmas jumper. I made mine red like the jumper I was wearing – and all of my boys asked if I’d actually made a minature me. I actually originally saw the Toilet Roll Carollers on ThinlySpread – who also organised the Save the Children bloggers twitter party as well as many other fantastic work/ideas for Save the Children.

carol singer christmas trh craft

Again a really straight forward easy craft activity. I started with a toilet roll holder that I had painted red. I then rolled 2 bits of red crepe paper to make the arms and attached them with tape. I drew around the toilet roll holder, to make a circle for the head, on white paper and drew the features. It was important to do an open mouth to represent the singing. After attaching the face I taped on some shredded paper for hair Then the finishing touches of a pink sock for a hat, and a snowman sticker for the Winter jumper. I think I will make a crowd of singers with the boys with different stickers to make different Christmas jumper types.

We do not seem to hear many Carol singers any more. I remember as a child knocking door to door singing, about like Halloween I guess. Is this also just seen as begging and therefore a tradition that has died out?

Did you use to carol sing? Do you have carol singers knock on your door now?

Mr Men A White Christmas

For the book I thought I’d go with the Mr.Men – you can not really go wrong with these fantastic books written by Roger Hargreaves can you. My youngest really wants snow for Christmas and so I picked “A White Christmas.” I have to admit my memories of Christmas as a child always have snow in them. I had to have boots because the snow came all up to my knees on the walk to school. My favourites were my Moon Boots – did anyone else have those?

The story begins explaining about how busy Father Christmas is before Christmas, reading everyone’s letters. He received one from a boy in Australia who wished for snow. This is really nice for us because my son received a letter from Dorky Mum‘s son in Australia and he too was saying how it seems strange it being hot at Christmas.

Mr Men A White Christmas

Once they made the snow in Australia it seemed that not everyone was as enthusiastic about it and so they made it disappear. This is a true Mr Men book with everything you would expect – but Christmassy. It is one of 7 Christmas Mr Men books as far as I can work out. With great illustrations and a story that children will love.

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  1. That is brilliant, you are a craft wizard! I love that you remembered your childhood being snow filled with moon boots – said the same the other day. Great minds! No carol singers here either but did come across some in B&Q recently!


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