Save the Children Club

Save the Children Club

One of the things we all want for our children is to be happy and safe. What I also want for my boys is to have an understanding of others. That sometimes people are different to us and that is okay. But also that people may be the same as us, they just live in … Read more

Read on Get on – Save The Children

Read on Get on Save the Children

My son has just started secondary school, his homework was to pick a book to read for ten minutes at school today. This was really easy for him as he loves reading and finds it all too easy. Reading has opened up a whole new World to him, he can immerse himself in fantasy and … Read more

SavetheChildren #XmasJumperDay

Save the Children #XmasJumperDay

Friday 13th December 2013 Christmas Jumper Day  Did you know that you can make a real difference by just wearing a festive jumper and donating just one pound? As Save the Children is asking people to make the World better with a sweater. This is to help raise money for their life-saving work, which helps the … Read more

Blog it For Babies in My Town

You may have noticed it rain a  little bit lately. This is a field! In 2007 we suffered from flooding. It resulted in us not having clean water – to drink, to wash, to flush the toilet. It was such an awful time. When you have things you take them for granted and don’t really … Read more