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You may have noticed it rain a  little bit lately.

This is a field!

In 2007 we suffered from flooding. It resulted in us not having clean water – to drink, to wash, to flush the toilet.

It was such an awful time.

When you have things you take them for granted and don’t really think about people suffering in poverty.

Click the badge below to find out more about the Save the Children Campaign and how you can help

You can text as little as £1.

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So I strapped my 3 year old to my back and off we went to the pop up shop for the day

Some of the many people helping raise money in support of Save The Children

I believe that around £500 was raised on the day.

Thanks to the following – to name just a small number of people who helped on the day:

Poppypatch Crafts

The Forever Dream

Carma Kindi

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