Saving Water in the Home

tap running water

Recently our water provider installed a Water Meter stating that we could carry on paying the way we are on a fixed rate that but in the near future everyone will be charged for the amount of water they use. After some research I discovered we are at risk of many, if not most, people … Read more

Thermos® Brand Hydration Bottle #Review

Genuine Thermos® Brand Intak Hydration Bottle with Meter

Making the change of drinking the minimum 2 litres of water a day can be quite a challenge. There’s so many health benefits though such as the fact that it has no harmful sugars to cause damage to your teeth and body; it helps regulate your temperate, digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients; encourages you … Read more

Blog it For Babies in My Town

You may have noticed it rain a  little bit lately. This is a field! In 2007 we suffered from flooding. It resulted in us not having clean water – to drink, to wash, to flush the toilet. It was such an awful time. When you have things you take them for granted and don’t really … Read more