Thermos® Brand Hydration Bottle #Review

Making the change of drinking the minimum 2 litres of water a day can be quite a challenge. There’s so many health benefits though such as the fact that it has no harmful sugars to cause damage to your teeth and body; it helps regulate your temperate, digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients; encourages you to eat less; flushes out toxins which is reflected in better skin; beats fatigue; and helps you to think clearer. Keeping a track of how much you have drunk, or finding somewhere to drink can be tricky, but help is at hand with Thermos® bottles.

Thermos® Brand Hydration Bottle

Whether it is on the school run, to cool down on the Tube, training for PrettyMuddy or just day-to-day water in-take now I can take water with me in The Thermos® Brand Hydration Bottle (710ml). Not only does it hold enough water for 6 drinks but there’s also a meter which you simply twist around when you refill the bottle (by turning it on the lid). Now I can keep track of exactly how much water I have consumed in a day instead of just guessing.

It has a hygienic push button lid to reveal the drinking spout making it easier to access water on the go as it only requires one hand. It also has an integrated carry loop and ergonomic designed grip perfect for right and left handers (just screw the lid on the opposite way around). Available from Sainsbury’s, Dunelm, John Lewis and (RRP £7.99-£12). They are dishwasher safe and come in a variety of colours.

Thermos® Brand Hydration Bottle

Also available is The Genuine Thermos® Brand Double Wall Hydration Bottle (530ml) provides insulation to stop your drink taking on the ambient temperature of your surroundings. It has an integrated carry loop and sweat-proof design; it’s the perfect find for fitness fans. Available from John Lewis and (RRP £15). Or there’s The Genuine Thermos® Brand Tritan™ Filtration Bottle (590ml) which is certified to reduce certain contaminants, tastes and odour, each filter lasts 128 refills: Available from John Lewis and (£25 RRP)

I am taking part in the 5K Pretty Muddy Race to raise funds for Cancer Research UK – you can sponsor me for taking part.

Disclosure: I received a free Thermos® Brand Hydration Bottle from Genuine Thermos Brand for purposes of review in order to help me stay hydrated during my training. This was my only compensation and all words and opinions are my own.

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