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Instant KettleSunday June 21st 2015 marks another Father’s Day. If buying for a man wasn’t hard enough I also have my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary just before! What I tend to get the boys to do instead is to spoil their dad. He works so hard – not only in his job, but here at home – fixing up our bathroom, cleaning the cooker, doing the ironing, cooking the dinner, helping the boys with their homework, fixing the cars, chauffeuring us around, ordering the food shopping, playing with the boys (I guess you get the idea)! The one thing he REALLY wants in return for all that he does is TEA! Lots and lots of tea. Well guess he needs the caffeine to help him stay awake. So when I was approached by Instant Kettle I just knew that it would be the perfect gift this Father’s Day.

What is an Instant Kettle and Why is it so Good?


The Instant Kettle is as it sounds – a kettle that produces hot water in an instant. I counted 15 seconds before hot water started to fill the cup. And yes my husband had a race with our old kettle to see which produced a cup the quickest and Instant Kettle won! It has a 2.5 litre capacity and can boil 250ml in around 30-35 seconds! This means that this Father’s Day my husband will not need to wait long in between his cups of tea!

Instant KettlePrecision

We all know that everyone likes their tea differently – some with half a cup of milk, some without any at all. Now you can fill the water level exactly where you want it as it is operated by an on/off switch it means that only the optimum amount of water is used with every cup. This also makes the Instant Kettle energy efficient – something I am sure we are all becoming more and more aware of.

User Friendly

The Instant Kettle can be filled via a detachable water tank and then the only lifting required is of the cup itself. This makes it safe enough for my boys to be supervised to help make an endless supply of tea needed for their dad for his perfect Father’s day (based on ability – our youngest child would obviously only put the tea bag in the cup and place it underneath where the water comes out but will make him feel great that he has helped). Of course this is also an advantage for those with limited strength and/or ability.

Why you should get an Instant Kettle this Father’s Day

Creator Kenny Larkin says, “As a nation, we in the UK drink 60.2 billion cups of tea and 25.3 billion cups of coffee a year. We all live busy lives and always want something quicker so with the Instant Kettle the country as a whole would save 687,500 hours a year to focus on family life, work or just eating biscuits.”

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RRP £45.99 – Price includes free next ay delivery anywhere in mainland UK and a 14 day peace of mind money-back guarantee.


I was gifted an Instant Kettle for purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Bought this for my Mother who finds it difficult to fill and lift a kettle. She can fill it with a jug if she wants and can make herself a hot drink (it is boiling water) without any fear of scalding herself. Would reccomend this for anybody who is frail. It is a great product and very easy to use.


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