Ultimate Resource of Ways to Teach your Pirate Fan Science

Pirate Science

If you haven’t already the wonderful Science Sparks has an app you can download from iTunes and Google Play. It was whilst I was having a look on it that I noticed that there’s a lot of lovely Pirate Science. We love Pirates and it has become a bit of a theme this year. So I thought you may be interested in this ultimate resource of ways to teach your pirate fan science:

Early Years

Ultimate Resource of Ways to Teach your Pirate Fan ScienceWaterproof a Pirate Ship – This introduces the different types of materials and their properties. Of course it introduces the idea that some are waterproof and others are not. There are further ideas to think about such as whether layers or shape alters whether the material is waterproof. A great activity for observation skills. Meets the goal of children knowing about similarities and differences. There are then further posts related to waterproofing and materials and their properties.

Fizzy Hidden Coin Pirate Rocks – Is a great introduction to acids and alkalies – and reactions in general.

Crack the Code – Pirate Theme – Code breaking is good for logical thinking.

Pirate Treasure Hunt – First how to make paper look old and how to make secret messages (and make them appear again).

The two above ideas would both be great if you have been and stayed in a Pirate room at LEGOLAND Windsor (as there’s a code you have to crack by hunting for them around the room to get into the safe).

Ultimate Resource of Ways to Teach your Pirate Fan SciencePirate Play Dough and some measuring – This Pirate Playdough activity is great for measuring, fine motor skills and thinking and creative skills.

Sink or Float – Pirate Style – We previously did a Sink or Float Experiment in great detail (thinking about the experimental method with what all the variables are). This Pirate version is a much more simplified version using Pirate materials to get children to predict whether they think they will sink or float.

Early Years & Key Stage 1

Pirate Magnet Maze – learning about whether materials are magnetic or not and utilizing this knowledge in a pirate maze.

Key Stage 1

Ultimate Resource of Ways to Teach your Pirate Fan ScienceDensity Experiment- Pirate themed – As it sounds – using Pirate materials to explain visually about density.

Protect the Pirate Coins – Waterproofing – Seeing how different properties of materials can be used to keep the materials dry. Can then talk about how materials are selected for certain things – like buildings etc.

Science Sparks is a great resource for all things Science not just for Pirate Fans – do check it out.

ultimate pirate science ideas

For more Pirate Science ideas see Pinterest where there are a wealth of ideas being added all the time.

Pinkoddy Pirate Posts:

Make a Pirate Cutlass

Make a Pirate Ship

Pirate Treasure Hunt at the Park

This is not a sponsored post. I LOVE Science Sparks, I think it is a great way of getting children to love science through play – and I love science. I think that Emma does an amazing job and I wanted to share that with all my readers and beyond.

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  1. What brilliant ideas!! I so wish my boys were still young enough to play pirates, my daughter thinks that pirates are a boy thing but I love the idea of combining the theme with science, really brilliant


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