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So we are almost half way through January and a lot of people have already given up their resolutions. For me little steps have worked wonders. I have to admit that this week I have worked harder on improving myself – which really has gone against my jar being a relaxed affair. I do, however, tell myself that I have not set myself any hard and fast rules I have to follow and am just trying to take one day at a time. I would be lying though if I said I had not found it difficult. Although I do not want to let others be my excuse I am very grateful for the support. This includes over 30 of you who linked up last week.

relax goals drink water

The most supportive person has to be Iona over on Redpeffer who has also been drinking water with me. I’m on day 12 and have only had 1 cup of tea and a couple of glasses of juice all year and LOTS of water. Well apart from the night drinking with the girls (realistic goals remember, and the hangover was LOADS better). The hardest part for me is I did not realise how hard it would be socially – but I have done it: At the hairdressers, Meal with my husband, Coffee with friends, when my friend came to visit for tea, at my nan-in-laws.

relax goals water

I have felt drained – physically and mentally, and I think it has helped me to remember to keep eating (otherwise I do think that I would just pass out!). Bonus though it is free so I have already saved quite a bit of money, as well as being healthy. My husband is also joining me with water drinking as he says he has seen a real change in me (I’m less moody for a start). I think the difference has been one of mind as well as physical. Such a small thing to achieve (drinking water each day) but I am doing it – it is helping with me with my self-esteem – I am doing it! So making me feel better outside and in.

relax goals lunch

The other thing I have been doing is decluttering. My house is an absolute nightmare, I’m such a hoarder and I hate to see things go to landfill. I decided that actually it is one of the things that gets me down, and as it is such a big job I decided to break it down into little goals to aim for. I did my bottom drawer (with my sleep and underwear), my youngest’s underwear drawer, our cups, and my make-up. The hardest thing for me about decluttering is either feeling like I ‘could’ make money from something.  Trouble is it either does not sell or I just simply do not get around to selling it, but I cannot just put it in landfill. This time I gave away some unused make-up (which was hard as even then I tried to convince myself that ‘one-day’ I may use it AND I made an invitation to play with the rest.

relax goals decluttering

For me this was a huge step I just set out some paper, some shaving cream and the make-up with brushes. I must admit I was hoping to practise writing and letters, but after less than a minute of seeing he had no interest in that I just let him play. I finally saw the importance of this and how much he was just developing by doing it. He LOVED it, saying, “oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!” as he mixed the powder, and the shaving cream, discovering that the eye-liner which was white at the end wrote black. I could see how he was strengthening his hands as he pushed down on the foundation bottle.

invitation to play with make up #playmatters

One of the things I had pulled out of my jar is spending 15 minutes quality time with each of my children. Now this sounds like something I should just be doing – but I really do not tend to spend much time with the older two on a one-on-one basis. I tried to talk to them about what things we could do together this year but we actually ended up talking Minecraft (both of them separately). I hope, if nothing else, that it made them feel like there was opportunity to talk and that I do care about them –  I need to make sure I do it more often.

relax goals quality time

I have looked at how I can stop making excuses and combine things – my 6 year old wanted to go for a bike ride and it was a perfect excuse to get some exercise, combined with going to see his Great Nanny. Making exercise easier was also on my mind and I thought about what I liked doing. On a Monday I take the middle 2 swimming whilst the youngest has his swimming lesson. I have a race of a couple of lengths of the main pool with my 10 year old each week (it’s surprising how tiring that is!). This week I have also had a disco ball (I exchanged a Christmas present) as I love to dance and this burns lots of calories.

relax goals disco ball

Lastly we have our son’s review for his Statement of Special Needs and it reminded me that he is moving forward and so should we. Sometimes it is easier just to stay stuck in the old routine, I mean does anyone like change? So tonight he has gone to bed in pants for the very first time – even if he wets, you can see he appreciates our confidence in him.

relax goals

This week I think I have relaxed. Relaxed my expectations, I am taking each day as it comes. I keep telling myself it takes 30 days to change a habit – and well if I can do one more day, or even just make it to the end of this one. No pressure, it does not matter if tomorrow I drink tea, because today I have drunk lots of water. I remember my goal – which is to be healthier.

How have you been this week? What have you been up to?

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38 thoughts on “Relax Taking Each Day as it comes #MotivationalMonday”

  1. Wow Joy! You have made masses of progress in such a short time – *impressed face.* Didn’t realise you were drinking water instead of everything else – thought it was just an addition, but good for you. Can imagine that’s hard socially. I would miss my coffees out but they do cost a small fortune, as you say – they’re the only time I really sit down. Perhaps just sitting down would be easier and cheaper. You’ve really inspired me with all you’re achieving, thank you and good luck with keeping going – you’re almost half way there !:)

    • Thank you and glad you are inspired. I’m feeling so positive it’s great (until I get tired and go down). I have told myself it is just more water I am drinking and just trying not to drink other stuff. I’m aiming for 30 days at the moment as that’s meant to help form a new habit.

  2. Love the drinking water resolution. I so should do that but not quite ready to join you. Coffee is my lifeline in the mornings and a glass of wine at night. I am trying to relax my expectations though, every day I kick myself for not getting through my to do list, but every day there is too much on it!

  3. Thanks for hosting! This is a great post and very thought provoking. Drinking more water is something I am trying to do, and it is very hard! I don’t know if this will work for you, but for cleaning, I like to keep stuff too. Every time I throw out (whatever) I need it the next week. But, it’s good to take it in stages, a drawer, a room, what works for you and if you haven’t used it in, say the last year, or 2, then throw it away or give it to the Goodwill (or whatever is close to you) so others might get use out of it. If you were going to move, would you want to pack it and unpack and store it? That’s what made me get rid of stuff. Anyway, good article.

  4. Thank you Joy and I’m so glad my small bit of support is helping! I didn’t do so well with the water yesterday and do find the weekends harder to remember but we’re getting there I think. I think eating small amounts regularly is quite good-I bought some mixed nuts and they’re great for snacking on and give slow energy release like the muesli. I love your idea of spending quality time with each child-I agree that it’s really easy to slip into routines without noticing at all.

  5. Wow, so inspiring reading about all of the small changes you have made/ are making and that you are sticking with it! I’m so glad you shared…sometimes it feels like we get “let off the hook” for making changes because we shouldn’t be expected to or because it is, too difficult, so I love hearing from people who are doing it…truly inspiring!


  6. It’s so true that making small step resolutions can be so much more successful (and less scary) than the big ones – thanks for the brilliant reminders about drinking more water and decluttering in smaller daily steps – I’ll be joining you on both of those! x (PS Fiona @coombemill suggested I link up my post on starting the #teamhonkrelay from Lands End yesterday, that was really inspiring and motivating, what a way to start the year!)

  7. Love your make up messy play and disco ball!
    good luck with the statement review, we are still struggling to get the initial one to go through for mr t and it is an absolute pain, they are not making it easy for parents at all – arghhh! it will definitely help my relaxation levels once that is done and dusted

  8. Decluttering is so liberating isn’t it?! I am doing ‘dry january’ but really must make an effort to drink more water – thank you for the reminder! I have found twitter support so helpful these last 13 days. I know I sound like an alcoholic but it’s just about breaking habits i think.

  9. Great post Joy – I am really loving motivational monday so much – it’s getting my week of to a great start 🙂 I tried to link up but it’s having a funny 5 minutes so will link up later when I get back in as a busy day today.
    I applaud you for taking the water challenge. I am a big water drinker and always keep a bottle on me. I drink peppermint tea and other herbal teas to for a little variety. Peppermint especially is great for digestion. I find when I don’t drink enough I get headaches, my skin is bad and as you say I get quite confused and moody – just from a lack of hydration. It’s really amazing what adequate hydration can do.
    I love your jar and am defo thinking about doing something similar. My and my OH want to make a point of spending more time together and do more things out of a domestic setting, and I think a jar full of suggestions like ‘take an hour just to talk – no tech – no distractions’ and that sort of thing. I am the guilty one when it comes to having something electrical on most of the time be it my laptop or smartphone.
    Good luck with the dry nights. My son has autism and I remember doing these things with him when he was younger. He took forever to get completely dry, but he got there. You most certainly have the right attitude – sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.
    I love your disco ball! I’m not to good at dancing in my chair, though I’ve seen others who are quite amazing, but I can hand jive with the best of them.
    Enjoy your monday and heres to a great week xxx

  10. This was a great post!!!! I never drink water and i really should. I don’t actually drink a lot atall and get to the end of the day and realise i haven’t had a drink yet. x

  11. Oh wow, it sounds like you are doing so well. Congrats! The water resolution is so important, and I know that I should be doing it as well, but I find it so difficult! I can’t give up my Coke and Coffee habit. Especially now that I have given up all other feel good food…
    I love it when I have something resembling motivational, and I can join your linky. It’s always so great!
    Hope you have a fab and relaxed week!

  12. Sounds like you’re doing amazing well, I really need to up my water intake. I’m trying to be relaxed about my to do as making sure I complete at least one a day, which is helping me feel less stressed x

  13. Oh I so need to declutter but just cannot face it &buries head in sand*. I am glad to hear that you are relaxing your expectations a bit. You are doing really well but it is so easy to put too much pressure on oneself. Good luck lovely x

  14. So many good ideas Joy and it sounds like you’re doing brilliantly. Water drinking is a really good one – I’m so rubbish at it! Should really join you there. Must start joining your great Linky again too 🙂

  15. Wow, I knew you were drinking more water but I didn’t realise you’d given up tea, very impressed! Love the idea of giving your kids your old make up to play with, think I’ll have to do that with my son 🙂

  16. I know I don’t drink nearly enough water.I drink loads of tea mainly green at the moment and I’m halfway through Veganuary which has been really enlightening. I’m always decluttering and I’m having to do a big push over the next few weeks now we’re on the housing list to move.

  17. You’re doing so well overall. It’s great how the water drinking is working out. I do agree with you on taking each day as it comes. I for one have not set specific goals for this year, but have chosen on self-care as my theme for the year.

  18. I am trying very hard to stick to my list of resolutions. Have broken loads already, but each day is a new beginning. So remaining hopeful.

  19. I have just had a declutter and never though of using my old make up so the kids can create art……mind you Eliza would probably steal the good stuff to use!
    I am also trying to get healthier and drink more water…….it;s boring though isn’t it?

  20. I am trying to relax a bit more this year too! I took the One Word 365 challenge and chose the word Decompress to be mine! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for success with staying dry at night!

  21. Love this link up! Everyone needs a little motivation sometimes especially on a Monday! I love your idea of makeup play. I should do this with mine. I have so much old makeup in the back of my dressing table perfect for this. I need to follow you and drink more water. I am horrible at drinking enough water. Thanks for the link up and the motivation. I am joining in now.

  22. Great ideas Joy, I especially like the make up one! You’re doing brilliantly, especially with the water, that’s one I’m particularly bad at!

  23. I think you have the right approach – not expecting miracles to happen as far as resolutions go, and doing the best you can everyday. I think your goals are admirable, especially of taking out time for each child. Wishing you all the best for your jar!

  24. I love this 🙂 I am trying to drink more water at the moment too! I tend to find I have forgotten to drink all day! Not good. I am looking forward to your next post! xx

  25. Fantastic work!! I drink far too much tea, may try the water detox too. Think it’s lovely that you sat and talked Minecraft with the boys – doesn’t matter what it is just to have the time focusing on their interests is wonderful 🙂 xx


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