Middle Piccadilly – My Happy Place

Middle Piccadilly Spa Retreat

Everyone in life has times of stress when they really need to relax and for me I never realised quite how much I needed that time right now. But after my time at Middle Piccadilly I felt the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders – something truly magical really did happen … Read more

Stressed Parents Relax

Stressed Parents Relax

Life can be stressful for parents – from babies who do not sleep at night, to toddler tantrums, the demands of school days, and no-one mention the teenage years. Plus it can still be stressful when the leave home too! As well as the everyday things to worry about parents may be concerned about the … Read more

Relax Taking Each Day as it comes #MotivationalMonday

invitation to play with make up #playmatters

So we are almost half way through January and a lot of people have already given up their resolutions. For me little steps have worked wonders. I have to admit that this week I have worked harder on improving myself – which really has gone against my jar being a relaxed affair. I do, however, tell … Read more