Stressed Parents Relax

Life can be stressful for parents – from babies who do not sleep at night, to toddler tantrums, the demands of school days, and no-one mention the teenage years. Plus it can still be stressful when the leave home too! As well as the everyday things to worry about parents may be concerned about the effects of Brexit and this may put them under even more pressure – especially if this causes them further concerns about how to cope with Christmas. The amount of stress parents are under can be dependent on a manner of factors such as how many children they have, whether they have someone to share the burden with, and whether they are able to create time for themselves to relax.

Stressed Parents Relax

People are diverse and find different things help them to relax and unwind. For some they may like to keep active – go for a run, keep fit, do yoga, attend a gym, go for a swim; others may prefer something more relaxing – read a book, sit by candlelit, have a bubble bath, eat chocolate; or may be catch up with friends – catch a movie, have a meal, or go for a drink. Others may like to clean, either to help them feel better about not having so much mess (which may be a cause of their stress), or the actual process of cleaning itself they find calming. Others may tend to their garden, perhaps growing their own fruit and vegetables; or just to sit with their flowers.

Stressed Parents Relax

Rattan Direct have recently put together a survey orientating around what parents do to unwind around the home. It focuses on three key areas –

  1. What parents do to unwind around the home
  2. How Christmas will be celebrated this year
  3. Whether Brexit has had any effect on spending habits around the home and garden

As well as filling in the Survey I would be really interested to know what you do to relax and unwind from stress?


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2 thoughts on “Stressed Parents Relax”

  1. Taking time out to relax can be stressful in itself sometimes, because of the juggling and childcare you need to put in place to get some time off!!
    Am lucky this doesn’t happen often because my hubby is around, but he does work away sometimes which impacts on what I do.
    I have just discovered running and loving how you can be a grown up, with grown up music and challenge yourself.
    Sometimes having a posh coffee in a coffee shop, on my own, watching life, can be equally relaxing.


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