Stressed Parents Relax

Stressed Parents Relax

Life can be stressful for parents – from babies who do not sleep at night, to toddler tantrums, the demands of school days, and no-one mention the teenage years. Plus it can still be stressful when the leave home too! As well as the everyday things to worry about parents may be concerned about the … Read more

Trying to do the Best for your Child (DLA)

When you have a child there’s no doubting that financially it’s a large commitment, one that you can’t really comprehend. Some people try to save up and make sure they can “afford” a child before they have their first, or subsequent children. Some things inevitably you cannot predict; how many days off sick your child … Read more

Do you tell a child they have/might have Asperger’s Syndrome?

Parents face all manner of difficult decisions regarding their children, and those whose children have special needs have a load more on top.. One of the things I have come across quiet a lot with parents of children who have (or may have) Aspergers is whether to tell the child about it. Some feel that … Read more