Drinking Water – Why & How I am Trying to Up My Intake

Drinking water is important there’s no denying it. I have really struggled with drinking enough myself and this year have really tried to make a good effort on changing this.

drinking water from the tap

Why I am Working on Upping my Water Intake

I know that I do not drink enough water. In fact the only time I would tend to regular have a drink of water would be with my dinner. Yes I would drink tea, and occasionally coffee but I do not believe this is as good as just drinking water. In fact my low blood pressure maybe an indicator that I am not taking on enough water.

Drinking Water and Running

As I am running more I feel it is even more important that I am drinking enough water. That is not just on the run itself but that I am well hydrated at all times. Not only can this impact on my performance itself but it will mean that I am less likely to suffer from headaches.

Plus I become really hot super easily when running – being hydrated will help regulate my body temperature better. Other running related benefits of drinking water include normalising blood pressure, stabilising the heartbeat, cushioning joints, maintaining electrolyte (sodium) balance, in addition to protecting organs and tissues.

Drinking Water and the Digestive System

Of course drinking water has an effect on the digestive system. Helping by carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells, flushing bacteria from your bladder and aiding digestion. Drinking water can actually help to lose weight by increasing satiety and boosting the metabolic rate.

Drinking water also prevents constipation. This is really important for me as I have a really embarrassing problem that does affect my running. I have what I refer to as my little friend. Currently I am unsure if it is rectal prolapse or just a haemorrhoid. Either way it is really painful and bleeds a lot. It is often irritated whilst running too. So it is super important to keep my stools soft so as not to aggravate it further. I have suffered with it for years and finally have been referred to the hospital. However, the pandemic is slowing everything down.


I am pretty sure that I am in Peri-menopause. This is the stage before the menopause (one year without periods). I am concerned about taking HRT as I believe it played a part in my mom’s breast cancer. Therefore, I want to do all I can naturally to help alleviate some of the symptoms of the peri-menopause. One of my issues is mood and concentration. In fact mood is the biggest indicator that I am indeed in peri-menopause. Obviously you know I am about to tell you that drinking enough water can help.

What I am Doing to Make sure I am Drinking Water enough Throughout the Day

I aim to drink four pints of water throughout the day. All I needed to add was just 3 more drinks to my routine of one. I thought it would be easy but it really isn’t.


Of course making yourself accountable is a great way for hitting goals. From the start of this year I have recorded my water intake on the family planner in the kitchen. Our 17 year old son is very good at drinking water and he is the one most likely to comment if I have not drunk enough. He also brings me water.


He says that what he does is he just always has water. That when he gets up to go to the toilet he refills his glass. That by keeping it topped up means that he also needs the toilet more.

I have tried to make sure that I am drinking water after breakfast, at lunchtime and in the evening (on top of the glass at dinner which is already habit). In fact it is because of habits that I often find I have only had 3 pints. Somehow I think of the evening as being a time for hot drinks and hot drinks only. Other people tend to offer me a drink of tea but not water.

Going Out

I find it hard enough when I am in the house, so can grab a drink of water at any time. Unless I am going out running I rarely think about taking water with me. This is definitely something I need to change.

My Drinking Water Progress So Far

I have not hit my 4 pints a day of drinking water every day this year but have had at least 3. This is a much bigger improvement than my one! Hopefully the longer I keep thinking about it and changing how important I consider drinking water to be this will change.

Are you drinking water enough? What strategies do you use to ensure this happens?

10 thoughts on “Drinking Water – Why & How I am Trying to Up My Intake”

  1. Sounds like a very positive plan. I drink quite a lot as i always get myself drinks in pints. I usually put a little squash in my water to make it taste nicer. Could that possibly help you to drink more water? xx

  2. Well done for getting on top of this, it’s tough to remember when you are busy! I agree with your son, I am a huge fan of changing things using habits. I carry a water bottle everywhere with me and I drink fruit tea in the evenings rather than normal tea / coffee. I count the fruit tea as a drink of water.

  3. You’re doing so well. I never drink enough water or any some days. I have to drink more, I know. I had a DVT in Jan and was told dehydration could have played a part so I know how important it is to drink enough xx

  4. It’s so important to do and certainly makes sense. I drink a lot, but only because I feel my kidney pain more if I don’t. It’s always good to carry a bottle around. I tend to drink sparkling water which isn’t ideal xx

  5. It is really great that you are doing this and I know it’s not easy at all. I am totally rubbish at drinking water, I drink endless amounts of tea but that makes me feel tired and sluggish all the time. I know I should drink water but unless it is hot or I am exercising, I just can’t get myself into the habit.


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