Vegan Red Thai Curry: How to Make in Slow Cooker

This vegan slow cooked Red Thai curry is simple to make and can be adapted to add in, or take out, things people do not like. It is ideal for us as I am finding that a lot of vegan recipes have mushrooms, and our children are not keen. Also, like the Vegan Sweet and … Read more

How to Make an Effortless Sweet and Spicy Vegan Stir-Fry

This sweet and spicy vegan stir-fry can be adapted depending on taste and availability. You could just use up vegetables you already have in your fridge – or vegetable food box. Add in or take out things people do and do not like. Our children do not like mushrooms but I think it would taste … Read more

Jeffing Sub 2 Hour Training Plan Schedule

Regular readers will know that when I devised a Training Plan for Jeffing Sub 2 hour Half Marathon.  That I had discovered Jeffing and already taken time off my half marathon but without any training. Jeffing is a run/walk technique. You can use a smart watch for alerts or a Gymboss. Things to Note Before … Read more

Sober January: Maximising Your Chances for A Successful Month

Mocktail fro Dry January

For many having a sober January comes at a time where they may have over-indulged at Christmas time. They may do it for reasons of giving both their liver and their wallet a break. A chance to recover. With more and more people taking a break from drinking in January in it makes it a … Read more

Going Vegan for Beginners – How To Get Started!

Going Vegan isn’t about a change of diet it is about a change of lifestyle. A lot of vegans find it easy just to go cold turkey but others find it more difficult. Personally I am still on a journey to make the change and so am looking up as much information as I can. … Read more