Jeffing Sub 2 Hour Training Plan Schedule

Regular readers will know that when I devised a Training Plan for Jeffing Sub 2 hour Half Marathon.  That I had discovered Jeffing and already taken time off my half marathon but without any training. Jeffing is a run/walk technique. You can use a smart watch for alerts or a Gymboss.

watch alerts for jeffing half marathon sub 2 hour training plan

Things to Note Before Following my Training Plan for Jeffing a Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon

Initially I had designed a plan and then adapted it. Today I am sharing the latter. It was designed to be done with my fast teen son on his first half marathon. He didn’t run a lot, but was fast and I felt would easily build up the miles at what would be a slow pace to him.

The aim of my plan was to take off 14 minutes from my previous Jeffing a Half Marathon time. This is, obviously, just over a minute a mile faster. Therefore this plan could potentially help you also take a minute a mile off as opposed to making it sub 2 hours.

Do keep in mind what I have said previously, however, that I never trained properly for my previously Jeffed half marathon. That also I was running with high mileage.

How Fast Do you Need to Be Able To Jeff for a Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon

This plan was never meant to be for someone go for nought to sub 2 hours straight off, unless they were very quick. My teenage son was also doing it with me but his Parkrun PB or 5K time was 21 minutes. My Parkrun PB or 5K time was 27 minutes 27 seconds. Also I can run at pretty quick speeds for short periods.

If you can’t run quick enough to make the combined run/walk race pace then this plan probably will not work for you. To Jeff a sub 2 hour half marathon your run/walk combined time needs to be around a 9 minute mile.

jeffing at parkrun

Does the Jeffing Sub 2 Hour Training Plan Work?

Those that follow the blog will know that I never completed this training plan and had to drop out of the half marathons planned. Suddenly I had hip pain by week 6, which (fingers crossed) seems to have been resolved with HRT!

Someone asked me for this plan and that’s why I am sharing it. It would be great if anyone does use this plan and could feed anything back please. Personally I am a lot slower now and my mileage is really low so need to build back up – if I can.

How Long is the Jeffing Sub 2 Hour Training Plan?

The Jeffing Sub 2 Hour Training Plan was designed for a race in 21 weeks’ time. It also included a half marathon race at week 15.

Time Commitment Involved

I do not exercise when it is the time of the month. Therefore rest weeks are built into the plan. Untraditional I am sure, you can either adjust the plan to your needs or try with my rest weeks!

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Daily commitment is required – apart from the above mentioned rest weeks. Actually the plan was designed so that it was easy to fit in time wise in order that it may be more easily adhered to.

How is the Jeffing Sub 2 Hour Training Plan Made Up?

The Jeffing Sub 2 Hour Training Plan is made up of walking, strength training, cross-training, timed runs, various length runs and drills. Additionally, I would recommend ensuring you have a sport massage regularly too.


Obviously you will be Jeffing but I am going to refer to it as “runs.” If you want to you can straight run the shorter distances but the plan is actually for Jeffing. This means even when doing 800m I would Jeff a 90:30.

Fast Runs

Saturdays are for Race Pace Runs and 800m repeater.

Race Pace Runs

The aim on Race Pace Run is to run an 8 minute/mile for 90 seconds and then walk a 16 ½ minute/mile for 30 seconds. The length of the run varies from week to week. It starts at 2 miles and goes up to 10 miles.

Not every week is a race pace week though, some Saturdays have 800m repeaters, which are faster than race pace!

800m Repeats

Before the 800m repeats; warm-up by walking for 5 minutes and then jogging slowly for 5-10 minutes. Run 800m (here you can decide whether to run continuously or Jeff – and whichever ratio you desire). Leave 30 seconds in-between repeats. To cool down jog slowly for 5-10 minutes and then walk for 5 minutes.

Long Run

Sundays are for long runs. These are back to back with race pace Saturdays which can go to quite some distance. It is important that these are kept slow. The recommendation is a 12 minute/mile pace.

The plan doesn’t have a distance on it. The idea is it was meant to be a long run. See how we felt, and how much time we had. But the idea is to make it a long run. We started with a 10K. We also got some hills into these.


Wednesdays are for drills. These sessions are either 30 or 45 minutes each.

This is probably the most important day which incorporates Jeff Galloway’s drills. You will need to look up cadence drills and acceleration gliders if you are not familiar.

First, after an easy warm-up, run four of the cadence drills (CD) and 4 acceleration gliders (ACG). Next run a mile segments at race pace – taking the walking breaks as you plan to do them in the race. Then jog the rest of the run.

Walking Days

Walking days are on Mondays and Fridays. These can be as long or short as you like. Suggested time of around 30 minutes. Not fast, just leisurely. Keeping you moving – especially after the harder weekends.

Strength Training

Every Tuesday. Make sure you concentrate on your whole body not just assuming you need to work on your legs. A good mix of squats, lunges, weight-lifting, planks, and cardio. Pilates is a good choice.


Thursdays: Any cross-training will do but we were planning on a mix of cycling, swimming and yoga.

swimming part of cross training for sub 2 hour half marathon training plan schedule

The Jeffing Sub 2 Hour Training Plan Schedule

As I say we never got very far before I was in pain but this is the schedule that was being adapted as we went. It might have worked, it may not have. Personally I have no training in this area but am sharing it because someone asked me for it.

1easy walkStrength-training30minsCross-traineasy walk2 milesLong run
2easy walkStrength-training30 minsCross-traineasy walk1 x 800Long run
3easy walkStrength-training30 minsCross-traineasy walk2 ½ milesREST
4RESTRESTRESTRESTeasy walk3 milesLong run
5easy walkStrength-training30 minsCross-traineasy walk2 x 800Long run
6easy walkStrength-training30 minsCross-traineasy walk4 milesLong run
7easy walkStrength-training30 min runCross-trainRESTRESTREST
8RESTREST35 min runCross-traineasy walk6 milesLong run
9easy walkStrength-training35 min runCross-traineasy walk7.5 milesLong run
10easy walkStrength-training45 min runCross-traineasy walk4 x 800Long run
11easy walkStrength-trainingRESTRESTRESTRESTREST
12easy walkStrength-training45 min runCross-traineasy walk6 x 800Long run
13easy walkStrength-training45 min runCross-traineasy walk10 milesLong run
14easy walkStrength-training45 min runCross-traineasy walk8 x 800Long run
15RESTRESTRESTRESTREST3 milesHalf Marathon Race
16easy walkStrength-training45 min runCross-traineasy walk10 x 800Long run
17easy walkStrength-training45 min runCross-traineasy walk10 milesLong run
18easy walkStrength-training45 min runCross-traineasy walkRESTREST
19RESTRESTRESTCross-traineasy walk 6 milesLong run
20easy walkStrength-training45 min runCross-traineasy walkEasy 5 milesLong run
21easy walkStrength-training45 min runCross-traineasy walk3 milesGoal Half Race

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