The Fifth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training

This post is about the Fifth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training. I had devised a Jeffing Half Marathon Training Plan for myself and my teen. For me the aim was to get sub 2 hours, and the teen was to complete his first one. This is how things were going following the end of week 4.

The Fifth Week

The only walking I did on the Monday was the school run. In fact I had a lot going on with one thing or another and wasn’t feeling great. Emma (from CrazywithTwins) picked up on this and suggested we meet up for coffee which was nice.

Pinkoddy and Crazy with Twins

The training this week we mixed up due to the fact I needed to go to the hospital. On the Tuesday we did 3 miles – a warm up, fast mile and a cool down. I was gutted that my fast mile began and ended on a walk as it was so close to my fastest!

jeffing 3 miles


As I had to self-isolate for hospital we combined a long run with our 2 x 800m. Teen had shown me how I could change the lap alerts on my Garmin which made it easier! He decided to just straight run the 800m whereas I was jeffing them. He started off before me and at one point I even overtook him. This was on the first 800m. I was sad to see it wasn’t my fastest and my second was slower. In total we decided to stop at 5 miles.

We planned to go further but we were rather tired and hot. I agreed that it really was far enough. I don’t want him to lose the motivation to train.

The Rest of the Week

Of course the rest of the week I was stuck in the house. Then I had my flexible sigmoidoscopy which did involve a bit of walking – but that was it. The teen did have another stand up paddle board evening with the group he volunteers with though.

Week 6

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