The Fourth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training

This post is about the Fourth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training. I had devised a Jeffing Half Marathon Plan for myself and my teen. For me the aim was to get sub 2 hours, and the teen was to complete his first one. This took us to the end of almost a month of training.

The Fourth Week – Rest Days

My periods tend to be ridiculously heavy and so I tend to have rest days for them. I am not really sure how this will work with teens training plan but he seems to be doing really well. Needless to say the first day this week that wasn’t a rest day was the Friday.

The Long Run

Seeing as teen had had so many days off and my husband was able to take the boys to school we did a long run. Not a fan off-road I didn’t tell the teen where we were going. In fact I hadn’t determined that it wasn’t too far for him. All the time just playing it by ear. Somehow I got lost and even ended up in a farm we weren’t meant to be. At least the farmer let us across his driveway and I knew where we were again.

fourth week of jeffing half marathon training plan the long run up a hill

The Big Hill

We went up a big hill fuelling at the bottom before we started. Teen gave up early on which made it hard for me to continue really. We had gone a considerable distance too so I agreed we would walk up the rest.

Almost 15 ½ miles he covered that day. Yes sometimes he needed us to walk but he did so well. It was a good way to ensure he was mentally ready. The half marathon race would be easier. Plus we wouldn’t get lost.

Recovery Walk

The next day I could not convince the teen that he should do a recovery run. Instead we walked for just under 3 ½ miles.

Sunday Run

Although it was Father’s Day my husband had arranged to take his Nan out. Therefore, I had the three youngest of our boys. The youngest was either sprinting off or running slower than he could walk. The teen obviously wanted to go slow but going that slow made him want to run off. Then the younger teen was somewhere in the middle.

fourth week of jeffing half marathon training running around the field

Jeffing gives me the beauty of trying to stay with them all. Sometimes running fast to catch up with the faster ones, or working on cadence whilst I encourage the youngest.

Taking the Brakes off

Right near home the teen and I wanted to do that last minute sprinty bit – where we burn off some excess energy. He was warmed up more than me as I had spent a good while encouraging the youngest, but even so. Teen made me feel like I could keep up with him. It was hard but I was managing a 5 ½ minute mile. Let me reassure you we were only running for 90 seconds at a time!

Just when I felt I couldn’t possible sustain it any longer it was like he just took the brakes off and rocketed away from me! My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest for ages. In fact I am not sure how I wasn’t sick!

If you missed it you can read the journey from week 1 of jeffing half marathon training

Week 5

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  1. Wow, that was a really long run! Well done to you both.
    Teenagers always seem to be able to go really fast at the end, much more so than adults. Mine are all just the same.
    Good luck to you both. It sounds like you will smash it. x


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