The Seventh Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training: Injury Week

This post is about the injury week (7) of Jeffing Half Marathon Training. I had devised a Jeffing Half Marathon Plan for myself and my teen. For me the aim was to get sub 2 hours, and the teen was to complete his first one.

At the end of week six the pain in my side had got bad. To the point where I cut short a run. Rarely do I take painkillers but this was one of those times. Known for my ability to sleep and sleep, the pain also was keeping me awake. It was not a good idea to run!

The Seventh Week

Sports Massages

So week seven was just walking, stretching, using the Shakti mat and sleep meditation. Luckily the lady who does my sports massage could fit me in on the Friday. She spent the whole half an hour just on that side. She said I was really tight.

jeffing half marathon training plan week 7

Another massage was booked in for the following Tuesday – and of course she told me not to run. There was a half marathon happening on the Sunday with The Jolly Jeffers. I knew it was bad because I knew I just couldn’t go.

How the Teen was Getting On

Teen had has also had a whole day of assessments for an apprenticeship which meant we missed strength training. Then he went stand-up paddle boarding with his group. He would go for walks but I couldn’t get him to run alone. He did do four days of canoeing as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Expedition though.

The Rest of the Week

The rain meant I couldn’t go swimming in the river – so I missed cross training altogether. There was also lots going on with our eldest. As I say I did do lots of walking though. Then there were the scheduled rest days.

Jeffing half marathon week 7

week 8

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