Why Shakti Mat is a Whole Family Great Gift

What is a Shakti Mat?

A Shakti Mat is an Acupressure Mat which is based on the Indian bed of nails. With thousands of sharp spikes applying pressure to the skin and muscles underneath; this method of relaxation has been used for over 5,000 years.

shakti mat on bed with extra pillow and massage ball

The Benefits of the Shakti Mat

A Shakti Mat can be used on various parts of the body. To improve circulation, flush out toxins, increases joint lubrication/motion, and relax muscles., consequently relieving tensions and pain.

Shakti Mats trigger endorphins which lift mood, therefore helping to balance the body, mind and spirit. Likewise they lower stress, improve sleep and support relaxation, mental clarity and well-being.

There is no upper or lower age limit on using them!

Shakti Mat holes in back

The Experience Timeline

Generally the experience of being on a Shakti Mat works in a certain order. That is the first ten to twenty seconds of feeling uncomfortable and the body wanting to resist. The next twenty to forty seconds the body starts moving blood to that area. After one or two minutes the skin warms up, feeling almost sunburnt. Two to four minutes is a tingly sensation. Followed by a full body restoration at four to six minutes. Finally a feeling of relaxation – with some people even falling to sleep. Note I have fell asleep and even moved about and woke up with my face pushed into it!

Benefits Whilst Working

shakti mat for legs

I am not really sure what drew my attention to the idea of a Shakti Mat but some of my friends were using them. Needing a Christmas present idea for my husband it seemed ideal, as he is stuck at his computer desk such a lot which isn’t good for his posture. Figuring that the Shakti Mat would be ideal for putting on his chair, giving some relief to his back, I purchased one.

Shakti Mat For the Whole Family

But once I had bought a Shakti Mat suddenly the whole family wanted to get involved in using it. Nonetheless I was the only one who immediately found it okay, even contrary to the fact that I have a needle phobia! In fact standing on it (for about 40 minutes) barefoot was the one time it was painful from the first time for me. In fact lying down I often raise my legs in the air for additional pressure. Furthermore I am probably the one who uses it the most – encouraging my husband to take a turn after me.

standing barefoot on Shakti mat

My husband had to start using the Shakti Mat slowly. I suggested that he start on the bed wearing thin clothing. He soon moved on from this to regularly lying on it with bare-skinned.

Our older teenage son was convinced to use it after a run. Helping with the soreness in his legs. The younger of the teens said his shoulder was hurting whilst running and said it felt better after lying on the mat. The youngest of the boys just tried it out of the sheer novelty factor. But it was definitely a winning gift for the whole family.

holes in feet after standing on the Shakti mat

Extras with the Shakti Mat

Hands up I didn’t buy a branded Shakti Mat because I just ordered one from Amazon. The actual Shakti Mat has a variety of “levels”. The one I did buy can be purchased with or without a pillow and additional massage balls. I opted to get the lot. I personally love the addition of the balls as I can really dig them into my problem shoulder by forcing my weight on them. My husband finds the cushion good. It is what works for you.

shakti mat imprints including with massage ball

It also comes in a nice storage bag.

Have you got a Shakti Mat or anything similar? What are your experiences?

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