Day 24: Christmas Eve Craft and Sam’s Snowflake

So we come to the last day of our Christmas TRH Book Advent. Of course the obvious choice for Christmas Eve craft was always going to be the Christmas tree! I think ideally it could hold something like a Mars Bar but not sure if this would make it topple over. We added chocolate buttons and this seemed to work well. I was very interested in all the lolly pop stick crafts when looking for things to put in my Recycled Christmas Craft post – and thought they were just perfect for making our tree. We used a combination of different types of sticks (what an excuse to eat ice-creams) and coffee stirrers (and who doesn’t need to pop out for a coffee with all the Christmas shopping). We used some green tape to secure the bottom ‘branch’ as it was heavier than the rest, but otherwise glue held them in place. You could decorate your tree with all manner of things. We used gems, but thought about adding some tinsel, lights, glitter etc too. We simply cut a star out of foil for the top – but you could be more elaborate and add an angel.

Christmas tree toilet roll holder craft

My children would love snow on Christmas day so a book about snowflakes really encourages their excitement. Sam’s Snowflake, by Gillian Shields and illustrated by Rosie Reeve, is set on Christmas Eve too – so the perfect choice. It is a lovely story which really reflects how important Mum and Dad are to the little bear Sam. Sam’s dad goes off with the promise of being back as soon as the first flakes of snow start to fall. Sam starts to worry that there is no sign of either his dad or the snow. So Sam has the idea to make a crafty snowflake. I do like this, as we love Christmas craft here, but let’s just hope that my boys don’t think that getting it to snow is as easy as making a snowflake though – as they do like their snow craft activities.

sams snowflake

ISBN: 978-1-4472-0270-7

UK £5.99

I hope you have enjoyed our advent. If you make your own don’t forget you can place them in any order you like. Visit my Christmas TRH Pinterest board for further inspiration – there are some fantastic ideas about.

Do make sure you go and visit RedTedArt – as she has also some amazing TRH crafts and HereComeTheGirls for more great book advent ideas.

And of course wishing you a very

Merry Christmas


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