Regatta Calderdale Women’s Jacket Go Outdoors #Review

I do not need to tell you that it is really beneficially to your health, and that of your family, to be getting out and about. Nor do I need to tell you that wearing the right clothes makes a big difference. We all know that when it is lashing it down with rain, and the wind is blowing a gail then it really is time to put the crocs away! So when Go Outdoors approached me offering for me to review either their jackets or boots I jumped at the chance. Not only was the Regatta Calderdale Women’s Jacket (in Light Steel) I selected fantastic, but it came just in the nick of time (as that is when the wind and rain really came (we have been on a flood warning again).

winter at the beach

I first tested the coat when collecting my son from the school disco. It was terrible weather but it was nice not to have to take the car. Not only was it good exercise and a chance to talk to my son, but I really do not like the carnage of school parking (especially when it’s raining so hard) and trying to get out of small spaces when my windows have misted up is not my idea of fun.

Now when I say this coat kept me dry I mean it kept me dry. Imagine putting on a coat and standing in your shower with it on full – the rain we had was probably a lot worse than this. But underneath I was perfectly dry! And as for the mean old wind – it did not have a chance. The hood stayed perfectly in place and the rest was tightly fitted around me, again not leave opportunity for any rain to blow in. It has a lovely purple breathable fabric, which meant that I kept warm in the cold wind, but not that I became too hot (I’m easily irritated by overheating). There was room underneath for my jumper so a perfect all year round jacket. Plus the hood rolls up to fit inside itself, and it has adjustable cuffs and shockcord hems.

Regatta Calderdale Women's Jacket

If the ability to keep me dry and free from the wind knocking my hood off had not impressed me enough then I discovered the pockets! I love pockets and really despise handbags (I think it’s a mix of being a tomboy as a kid, and my lack of trust so I don’t like leaving them down anywhere. I like my purse to be close to me). Not only are there pockets where my hands go, but more pockets at the top, AND a big one on the inside by the zip (a designated map pocket!) – all zip fastened so my things will not fall out! The most important thing is that the bits of paper in said pockets remained completely dry and in tact despite the awful weather.

winter at the beach

It was also very beneficial when our youngest decided that a trip to the beach was in order. Luckily I have wellies so off we set. It was a lovely morning, and the beach was so empty and the children had such fun.

The service from Go Outdoors was fantastic. I had an e-mail to let me know when it had been dispatched and it was a really quick delivery. There was an issue with the colour before dispatch and customer services were fantastic at sorting it out for me.

The Regatta Calderdale Women’s Jacket has a RRP of £60 but is currently on offer at only £49.99.

I received a free Regatta Calderdale Women’s Jacket in order to review it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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