Day 22: Wreath Craft & The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud

Children are not children for long. I mean it does not seem like five minutes ago my oldest was about to start school, now he’s over 6ft, working and about to start driving lessons, how did that happen?! For this reason I really like to make things that will hold a special treasured memory. Hands and feet are great for this, as they will never be that small again, so that is what we did next as part of the Christmas TRH Book Advent.

wreath and polar bear

We made a hand print wreath by simply cutting around the hands onto red paper. You could use any colour you like, or even better still get the paint out and capture all the tiny markings from their hands. This was another simple craft but really helped developed fine motor skills with the drawing around and cutting out of the hands. We then simply glued them together in a circle shape, before attaching them to the toilet roll holder. We decided to paint the TRH black first so that the wreath was really defined against it. To make some berries we simply drew around a penny coin to make small circles. This was also great timing as this is the first year that we have bought a wreath for our door.

wreath and polar bear

The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud – by Jane Cabrera

The story is about a Polar bear who just wants a friend to play with. He looks everywhere, and tries everyone/thing until finally he find another polar bear and they happily play together. Such a beautiful story, with lovely illustrations. I’m glad it has such a positive, happy ending, as it is a message of hope – not to give up and you will achieve your dreams.

wreath and polar bear

ISBN: 978-1-4472-0273-8


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13 thoughts on “Day 22: Wreath Craft & The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud”

  1. This sounds like a wonderful story for xmas – the type my two would enjoy listening to. You have done so many amazing christmas advent posts – i so admire you drive and enthuisasm and committment lovely lady. your boys have one great mum. by the time you finsihs you def deserve a large glass of something you desire!! xx

  2. I’ve been searching for an easy to make wreath that I could make with Sausage and you be managed to completely inspire me! In fact, that’s our afternoon activity sorted!

  3. There’s something so special about using children’s hands for craft activities. I have a picture my son made in primary school of Rudolph where the antlers were created from hand prints.
    Love this idea of the wreath.


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