A Post About Me


You know I used to write about me and my family on my blog and surprisingly people used to read it. Then I got this strange idea in my head that why would anyone be interested in me, so started to write more and more about things they might be interested in. If I am … Read more

Better Extreme Trampoline Park Swindon

Better Extreme Trampoline Park Swindon

Better Extreme is not just a Trampoline Park. Although there are plenty of trampolines there are also foam pits (with different ways, and heights) or jumping into them); performance walls (that’s ones you can bounce off!), bouncing basketball areas, bouncing dodgeball, a slack line, pugil sticks and balance beam. My boys are quite used to … Read more

Ricola’s Sugar Free Sweets

Ricola's Sugar Free Sweets

Regular readers will know that I am concerned about sugar intake – not only of myself but of my family. One of the biggest battles I face is with sweets, which obviously contain sugar. But Swiss Sweet brand Ricola has an amazing sugar free range of herbal sweets. They held a Sugar Swap event in … Read more