Better Extreme Trampoline Park Swindon

Better Extreme is not just a Trampoline Park. Although there are plenty of trampolines there are also foam pits (with different ways, and heights) or jumping into them); performance walls (that’s ones you can bounce off!), bouncing basketball areas, bouncing dodgeball, a slack line, pugil sticks and balance beam.
Better Extreme Trampoline Park Swindon

My boys are quite used to trampolines and the youngest two actually were on them since they were tiny (as I used them as outdoor playpens!). So I have to admit I was dubious of what they would get out of visiting a trampoline park. But I was wrong. It was amazing, there was so much for them to do (not just bouncing) and it was so spread out too (giving them lots of chances to burn off energy). I love how it suited all my boys despite their differences in age and abilities (my youngest has Sensory Processing Disorder). We definitely all had a lot of fun but also it was a great way of bonding (they loved being able to hit each other with the pugil sticks I am sure!) and keeping active.

Better Extreme Trampoline Park Swindon

There is plenty of scope for a variety of ways to use the trampoline park – fitness groups, toddler sessions, children’s birthday parties, adult parties (hens/stags), corporate days, extreme sports and teens who want to do extreme sports or want to enhance their trampolining skills.

Things to know about Better Extreme Trampoline Park

There is plenty of free parking at the centre, and a coffee shop on site. As you go around the roundabout the turning is the one before it looks like on the road sign. You need to wear the special socks (these kept coming off but they intend to improve the design so that they go further up the legs) – these are bought the first time you go but can be reused for future visits. There is a changing room and lockers (refundable £1) – the key is on a band like a watch strap and the key tucks inside the plastic so it does not hurt you. Children under 6 years old need an adult with them. There is a safety video before you enter the trampoline park which includes safety advice such as one person per trampoline (some of the beds are big and I think that children can be confused about this). There is wheelchair access.Better Extreme Trampoline Park Swindon


Weekdays 4pm-9pm

Saturdays 11am-6pm

Sundays 10am-4pm

From 15th February 2016 daily sessions 10am-9pm


Start at £6.95

Concessionary rates & Reduced adults entrance fee of £7.95 will run during February 2016 (normal price £9.95)

For more information visit:


Swindon’s Link Centre complex contains an ice rink, swimming pool, gym, cycle studio, 3G pitches and trampoline park.

Better Extreme Trampoline Park Link Centre, Whitehill Way, Swindon, SN5 7DN


Myself and my family were invited to Better Extreme before its official opening for purposes of review. Words and opinions are my own and I have not been given any financial compensation.

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  1. Oh my goodness, my boys would love this! And I would love all the energy they would get out playing around in there! 🙂 Need to find if they have something like this where I live. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My kids love trampoline parks. With all these fun activities, I think they would enjoy even more. I love to bring them here because it allows them to exercise and have fun at the same time.


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