Better Extreme Trampoline Park Swindon

Better Extreme Trampoline Park Swindon

Better Extreme is not just a Trampoline Park. Although there are plenty of trampolines there are also foam pits (with different ways, and heights) or jumping into them); performance walls (that’s ones you can bounce off!), bouncing basketball areas, bouncing dodgeball, a slack line, pugil sticks and balance beam. My boys are quite used to … Read more

Active Playtime

Our favourite ways are on our 14ft trampoline, bikes and trips to the park (where sometimes we have people encourage us outdoors by bringing equipment). You can make a trip to the park more exciting by going on a “treasure hunt” (see my post) These are easy ways to slip activity daily into the routine. … Read more

Extracurricular Activities – for the Select few?

Studies by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) show that children should be getting on average of 60 minutes exercise a day. It will help reduce health risks – such as cardiovascular problems, Build stronger bones, healthier joints and muscles Maintain a healthier weight Help aid sleep Reduce stress levels Increase self-esteem and self-worth/image … Read more