Jumptastic Gloucestershire’s Largest Trampoline Park Review

Jumpastic Gloucestershire’s largest trampoline park is no longer there and is no Ninja Warrior. But this was what I thought when invited for a review.

Jumptastic Gloucestershire's Largest Trampoline Park Review

My initial thoughts on Jumptastic

I feel that Jumptastic is easy to find, there is plenty of parking, plus it is clean and spacious. I feel that is quite small, but this means it is easy to find your way around (it isn’t part of some big complex with other facilities offered). When we visited we found the staff to be polite, helpful and efficient (with a clear safety briefing and punctual on and off the trampolining area). We were all given socks for our relevant feet sizes (medium, large and extra-large) – and there were no problems in exchanging sizes. Trampoling socks must be worn and can be purchased for £1.50 but reused on your next visits.

Jumptastic Gloucestershire's Largest Trampoline Park Review

The trampoline park is split up with the main area consisting of several trampolines of various sizes, including those that go up the wall, and podiums/walls you can jump on and off around the side and in the middle. There is also long trampolines with a foam pit at the end to jump into, a dodgeball area and a basketball area. Upstairs is a viewing area with plenty of seating and tables, a café (with reasonably priced hot and cold food) – plus free water which was essential both during and after bouncing.

What is on Offer at Jumptastic

I love that Jumptastic have really recognised the fact that trampolines can be enjoyed by all ages (we used ours as an outdoor playpen when the boys were babies!). They offer a variety of sessions to make them inclusive for all (Jump Inclusive sessions are for those with disabilities/special needs and are quitter sessions); with sessions for toddlers, teens, those who want to learn with a qualified coach and/or tricks, there’s parties, discos and fitness classes!

My family at Jumptastic

I went with my four children (7, 8, 13 and 19) and my husband. As you can imagine finding activities that we all enjoy and are suitable are hard to come by. What was even better is that this trampoline park is the biggest in Gloucestershire! My 13 year old son happened to bump into friends from school there too – making it even more enjoyable for him.

Jumptastic Gloucestershire's Largest Trampoline Park Review

We all thoroughly enjoyed it – and it was definitely good exercise. I have been trying to keep fit with running and the trampolines were so bouncy (I don’t normally suffer with lady problems when bouncing, not even at a different trampoline park!) and was glad I wasn’t at the Fitastic session as I am sure that even the warm up would have killed me!

My youngest son has Sensory Processing Disorder and he did not stop bouncing (and trying to copy tricks). There was a member of staff doing all manner of tricks and he told me to keep an eye out on the Jumptastic Website for details of Trick Sessions for younger bouncers. I am also going to pop along to watch a Tricktastic session – and am hoping to encourage my 13 year old son to join in – as he could do with being more active outside of school. In fact because I have already signed his waiver form he could go along by himself – as it is only the under 12s who need a parent on site at all times.

Conclusions of Jumptastic

My family and I really enjoyed Jumptastic and I can see us visiting regularly in the future. Jumpastic really is for everyone no matter what age or fitness factor; allowing you to get as much or as little out of your time there as you wish. I think that it is a great way to exercise whilst having fun. Really impressed with the service and quality of the trampoline park – especially providing free water. We will definitely be returning again – and especially looking out for some Tricktastic sessions for under 8s.

Things to know before you go to Jumptastic

  • No photographs or recording can be taken on the trampolines – if you wish to take photos you can do it from the viewing area above, or the platform at the side. Therefore, you will need to make sure that if you are taking your mobile on then you will need to have it somewhere secure when you go on the trampolines. Lockers are provided for a refundable £1 – your locker key can be swapped at reception for a band.
  • Trampolining socks must be worn at all times.
  • One person per trampoline at any one time.
  • Make sure you sign the waiver form – this can be done online before you go.
Jumptastic Gloucestershire viewing area

My family and I were provided with a free Open Jump session and our gripper socks for purposes of review. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. oh what fun! we have something like this which has recently opened near us, but we have not visited it yet. actually maybe i will try and do it before the end of the holidays. not sure i could manage it though ha ha, I am so unfit x


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