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Following their previous success Num Noms are back with even more tasty flavours: Plus the Noms now come in stamps and funky erasers, as well as the previous lip glosses and motorized forms. The new savoury flavours are inspired by brunch dishes (such as Maple Cakes and Berry Waffles); Pizzas (like Peppy Roni and Margo Rita); with sweet foods being inspired by fairground foods, freezer pops, cupcakes and ice-creams!Num Noms Series 2 waffles

Bella Italia and Num Noms Series 2 Event

My boys and I were invited to Bella Italia Gloucester to find out more about the Num Noms series 2. There were several activities for them to choose from and it was great to see what variety of ways that Num Noms can inspire play and family time.

The boys enjoyed free-play with the Num Noms and enjoyed trying to stack them as high as they could, sorting out their favourites, and seeing what foods they recognised. Plus the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Playsets were there and very popular – my son loved discovering all the surprises on the truck.Num Noms Series 2 stacking

There were sheets to colour in Num Noms and to design your own. This is great at encouraging the children to think about different flavours – and what combinations they would want together. A great way to introduce children to recipes and cooking.

Pizza Making – in Num Nom style they could make their own pizza. This again makes them think about what foods would go together – plus the order that they want to place them in.

Ice-cream eating – they could chose up to two different flavours.

Num Noms are scented and so there were scratch and sniff stickers, plus a blind smell game – to see if smells could be identified without looking – and of course smelling the Num Noms themselves.Num noms smell test

Face-painting (or tattoos as my son calls it because he had it on his arm and not his face). The artist was very good and my youngest was thrilled with what he calls his Ninja Noms (actually a Was a bi Go-Go).

Num Noms Packs

  • You can still buy the Num Nom Mystery Blind Packs (SRP £2.99). I did want to make you a video but the boys were too excited to see what they got to wait! Each pot includes a Num, a surprise flavoured lip-gloss or stamp, and the collectors sheet with recipe ideas.
  • Num Noms Starter Pack (SRP £8.99) this includes 3 Nums and 1 motorised Nom, plus a container, accessory and collector’s menu.
  • Num Noms Deluxe Pack (SRP £14.99) includes 6 Nums, 2 motorised Noms, plus a food container, accessory, and collector’s menu. PLUS there’s an additional mystery Num in each pack.
  • Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Playset (SRP £24.99) featuring a special edition Num Nom the Lip Gloss Truck enables the making of lip gloss (with lip gloss container Noms, ingredients, mixing accessories and 3 lip gloss containers); plus one scented Num and a collector’s menu.
  • Num Noms Art Cart Playset (SRP £24.99)motorised Num Noms series 2

Num Noms Series 2 is suitable for those ages 3+ and available in all good toy retailers.

For more photographs of the event see my Num Noms Facebook Album

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I was invited to the Num Noms event where we were given food, drink and the boys a bag containing a Num Noms Mystery Blind Pack. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

12 thoughts on “Num Noms Series 2 Bella Italia Event Gloucester”

  1. We love Num Noms my daughter was sent some to review and we went and brought her more as she loved them that much. We also love Bella Italia, such a family friendly place to eat. This sounds like it was such a great event xx

  2. Lovely photo of Louise and her little girl. I’m hoping mine never hear about Num Noms, they’re still too young so hopefully the craze will have passed by the time they’re old enough to be interested!

  3. we recently reviewed some num nums there are fun aren’t they? not sure i would want my two to start collecting them BUT they entertained them both for a while. sounds like a really lovely event x


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