My Life My Big Family Wedding – Meet the Hanns

Emma and Roy Hann Dundee Couple with 12 children, Over 22 Years of Marriage I spoke Exclusively to Emma Hann before their upcoming media appearances. The Hanns (Emma and Roy, both aged 43), from Dundee, have been married for 22 years. They have 12 children: Rachel (21), Sophia (20), Polly (18), Charlotte (17), Alice (14), Annabelle … Read more

Review of £9.50 Sun Holiday to Devon Cliffs

Everyone knows that The Sun’s £9.50 holidays don’t actually cost £9.50. First you have to buy the papers (unless you have a priority booking form to do it online with the codes, then it is £9.50 per person – with a minimum of 4 people – then added costs will be based on when and where … Read more

Love L – lice, lego and ladybirds

So after seeing Choice chambers on Science Sparks (here) I was really keen to do them with my son – so decided that L could be for Lice. It actually turns out that if you Google lice (as I did to be sure of how many legs to give them) that it turns out lice … Read more

Tuesday Time Tunnel – 1978

Every Week I will give you a year and on Tuesday I will open up the Linky so you can share your post with each other and comment on what each other thought about that year. 1978 The Year I was born not only produced something as fabulous as me but also these other beauties: … Read more

My Baby seems to have Stopped Breastfeeding

Last time I actually remember him “feeding” he asked (yes talking is a great skill) and was on and off so quick I knew he hadn’t taken anything. He asked again a few weeks later and I asked him if he thought he was getting too old and that he hadn’t really had any last … Read more