Special Needs

I first noticed that my son was different from an early age. I was a teenage, single mother – what would I know. When he was assessed I had a lot going on & they blamed my parenting. He was finally diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at aged 10, after a lot of support from online friends, who made me question whether it really was me (as I was always “blamed).

Knowledge is power. I’d like to share what I know, or what has worked for me.

He is now 16 and at Grammar school and got amazing GCSE results

My youngest is 4. I’ve also been saying since he was around 2 that he is on the spectrum – he  got a Statement of Special Educational Needs for pre-school has just started School  (statemented for 20 hrs).

It seems that he has Sensory Processing Disorder. Please see my other blog which also links back here, it was just an easier way to keep all the Sensory Stuff being easier to find and people to follow.

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