Inspirational Runners: Mandy’s Story

Sometimes people have amazing stories that you are just not aware of. Mandy had been at the running club I go to for years before I joined. I knew she was a good runner and was aware that she had run the New York Marathon but no idea about her reasons why (she runs too … Read more

Breast Cancer Fear when I found a lump

tortilla selfie

So I have found a lump in my breast. No big deal right? I mean I am only 36 and there’s loads of reasons why women have lumps. Worst case scenario it’s Cancer. Did you know that Breast Cancer is one of the most curable Cancers that there is? Trouble is I still remember this … Read more

#S2S2D Emma goes to the Ballet & Opera

In case you were not aware Emma Day, who blogs over at Crazywithtwins, had to have internal radiotherapy – read my original post here. Luckily it came out of her body quicker than she thought and is able to hug her family again. Today I am hosting the Shoulder to Shoulder To Day Bloghop – please … Read more

Shoulder to Shoudler to Day #S2S2D – Jar of Happiness

In case you were not aware Emma Day, who blogs over at Crazywithtwins, has Cancer Again. She is only 27 years old and Mother to one year old twin girls plus a six year old singleton daughter. She had to have a hemithyroidectomy and the results showed that due to the results on the right … Read more