Shoulder to Shoudler to Day #S2S2D – Jar of Happiness


In case you were not aware Emma Day, who blogs over at Crazywithtwins, has Cancer Again. She is only 27 years old and Mother to one year old twin girls plus a six year old singleton daughter.

She had to have a hemithyroidectomy and the results showed that due to the results on the right side of her thyroid ( a large tumour of Cancer) she would have to have internal radiotherapy.
The worst part of this is that she will have to remain isolated for 5 days – not allowed any visitors and anything she takes in will have to be thrown away. For 10-16 days after that she will not be allowed 1-2 (preferably 3) metres from any other human being, but 21-28 days from the twins AFTER the isolation.
Shoulder to Shoulder to Day
Emma is grateful to the kindness from others at this difficult time.

So blogger Phil from Fragments from Firefly Phil approached Victoria over at Verily Victoria Vocalises and so the Shoulder to Shoulder to Day Bloghop was born.
It starts today and will last from 22nd May 2013 to 23rd June 2013 to cover the period when Emma will not be able to hug/kiss/touch/go near her twins.

You can see the rota of who is hosting the bloghop each day here and what it is that we all need to do. You will see that it is being hosted here on TUESDAY 4TH JUNE 2013.
I hope you will all join me to help support Emma.

As Emma will have to throw everything she takes into hospital with her I thought I would make her something to take in.

This is the contents of the jar of happiness
To give her some sparkle I put the glitter inside some sellotape.
The contents don’t look a lot but do have meaning.
This is the message that goes inside the jar so that Emma knows why she has each of the objects inside the jar.
s2s2dI covered the jar up in some red paper and made some labels.
s2s2d_jarI wish to thank Emma for her time this morning so that I could hand over the jar. Not because it was such a busy/important time for her but because it was truly inspirational meeting her. She was tired from her Low-iodine diet but seemingly so happy and very positive. I look forward to meeting up again :O)

You can sponsor Emma in the Cancer Research UK Race for Life here
There is also a Pinterest Shoulder to Shoulder to day board – so that we can add funny things, positive things, or anything we feel that Emma may like.There is also a few surprises for Emma ‘ if you would like to find out more and make a contribution then please email: and put in the subject ‘Emma’s Collection’.
On twitter please use the hashtag  #S2S2D and let’s get it trending and help raise more awareness.
This is NOT a sponsored post. All links are directly related to Emma @Crazywithtwins and are there to offer support.

12 thoughts on “Shoulder to Shoudler to Day #S2S2D – Jar of Happiness”

  1. What an absolutely fantastic idea – a jar of happiness :). I love it. I am so glad you got to see Emma today too – she must have really appreciated some support in person xx

  2. Wow you met Emma, how wonderful. She is such an inspiration and I have been thinking of her so much today. I love your happiness jar, such a beautiful idea.

  3. what a great initiative. I have been quietly following Emma and can’t describe how happy I am to see all the support she’s been given by this community.

  4. I love your jar of happiness and I hope that Emma gets some comfort from knowing that so many people are wishing her well. I too think she’s amazing, it must be so difficult for her and her family and I wish her all the best.

  5. This is so lovely. Poor Emma – not being able to touch my children, and having to throw away my Kindle would be unbearable!


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