Our Home Education over the Summer Holidays so far

boy climbing a tree with harness

Home education over the school holidays has felt a bit weird really. With their brother home the boys have seemed to do academic work much easier without fighting it – but I guess there’s also the fact that because it is the teen’s holidays the boys have also been allowed to play computer games more. … Read more

Home Education – Schools breaking up Week

wallace nasa outside Bristol Children's hospital

People have asked if home education will finish now that the schools are breaking up – well seeing as I never really have a plan and we are really just playing things by ear then things are not going to change. Of course the boys will still carry on their Explore sessions regardless, and the … Read more

Home Ed Diary – The Week of Tie Dye

boy in tie dye in lavender field

As most children are winding down at school I find we are really packing a lot into our home education before things get really busy. In fact this was the last full week of home education just the three of us for this academic year, as the teen finishes on a half day on the … Read more

Another Week of Home Education

mud kitchen play with dinosaurs

Again just another record of what we have been doing this week now I am home educating my youngest two boys. More for me than anything else but I hope that it is of interest to others too. Monday The 10 year old started the 11 plus course with Explore Learning late so had lots … Read more

Home Ed Diary – Another Busy Week in the Sun

father and sons playing outside

Our home education week began with taking my husband to work as his car had its MOT. As it happens he works not far from a big park which is (usually) always very busy and there was just no-one there (the odd one or two children did turn up eventually). I was really shocked about … Read more

Home Education Vikings Week

home made shields

If you are interested I have been writing about our Home Education Journey from the beginning. Not because I have to but I want to. I think it will be really interesting to look back on it and see how we grow and develop. I hope it may also be useful to others, but that’s … Read more

Vikings Home Education Topic of Study

home made shields

There are many different approaches to Home Education and we are still finding our feet to see what works best for us, coupled with a very relaxed approach to help deschool/unschool (I haven’t as yet learnt the difference between the two words but know they aren’t both liked equally the same). Trying to wait for … Read more

Home Education the Week after Germany

cheltenham science festival

When we got back from Germany we were so tired but obviously there was a lot to do. It started on Monday with a visit from our local Elective Home Education Officer. Now my county are really good at making it clear that we do not have to have visits or follow a curriculum. A … Read more

Last Week of the First Half Term of Home Education

boy with knife cutting a stick at home education forest school

I can’t believe that this was the last week of half term already. We started the week with a CSI session organised by one of the other parents. There were problems to solve and clues to figure out who murdered who! It was great fun and then the boys went to a birthday party (which … Read more