Gloucester Quays Christmas

people ice skating with a christmas tree in the middle of the rink and two boys helping one another

There is nothing more exciting than doing your Christmas Shopping at a Christmas Market followed by time spent Ice-Skating. Now at Gloucester Quays you can do just that with the Victorian Christmas Market open from 16th-26th November 2017 and the Enchanted Christmas Market from 27th November to Christmas Eve; with the Ice Rink open from … Read more

Half Marathon Training Half Term Week

ice-skating pushing two children around

If I had planned things better it would have made sense to make half term a rest week. Even my steps were looking non-existent as I didn’t even have to do the school run. My workweek hustle on the Fitbit was looking absolutely dire. What with Valentine’s thrown in the mix I even missed running … Read more

Letting Go now that my son is 18

turning 18

How do you let go a man you have spent half your life with? Because that’s what I have to do. Yes my son is now 18 (the age I was when I had him) and this year is planning to leave home to go to University. Do not kid yourself that September/October is not far … Read more

Ice-Skating at Webbs of Wychbold

Ice-Skating at Webbs of Wychbold

Ice-Skating as a family is a magical way to spend time this Christmas. Having taken 4 non-skating children, and an out of practice adult, with me previously I knew that this could end in tears. Luckily though we went to Webbs Garden Centre in Wychbold, who really pulled out all the stops to make this … Read more