Half Marathon Training Half Term Week

If I had planned things better it would have made sense to make half term a rest week. Even my steps were looking non-existent as I didn’t even have to do the school run. My workweek hustle on the Fitbit was looking absolutely dire. What with Valentine’s thrown in the mix I even missed running club. Add in some blogging events and actually all I managed to do was one 8 mile run on a day my husband booked off from work. In fact I did have a couple of hours without the boys but I took a nap!

Saturday I did Parkrun with the youngest two boys in tow (and believe me that is hard work!) and on the Sunday we did fit in some ice-skating – where I not only managed to blister my toe, but to burst the blister as well! This involved pushing two children around on skating aids on the ice at times – so I am hoping this at least burnt off some calories!ice-skating pushing two children around

Don’t even get me started on diet – eating out and takeout was at an all-time high! The day we went ice-skating we went from having McDonalds with my brother and his family straight to eating at the Harvester with my husband’s Nan (although I did resist having a pudding!) I never compensated for that at home either and really do need to get back to juicing vegetables again.

All in all though I have managed to stick to the plan of adding a mile a week and am getting stronger/faster/fitter I hope. Plus I can feel myself saying things like I JUST did an 8 mile run. Never mind the fact that I did it in 1 hour and 20 minutes! It wasn’t easy at all – and I certainly now know where the phrase “going the extra mile” comes from – but I did it! That mind-set feels so good because I never thought I would be able to run that far!

I didn’t set any goals for the following week as it was the anniversary of my Mom dying – so I thought that I would just take things as they come.

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  1. Wow well done on the 8 miles, what a brilliant time as well! I’m sorry you’ve got a difficult week coming up. Definitely sensible not to put too much pressure on yourself when you’ve got an emotionally challenging week like that.


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