Teletubbies 20th Anniversary

Teletubbies are celebrating their 20th Anniversary in 2017. Still with the same great format but with added extras. Tinky-Winky (the purple one), Dipsy (the green one), Laa-Laa (the yellow one) and Po (the little red one) haven’t aged a bit – and are timeless as ever. Still kind, friendly, inquisitive, warm and funny.

Teletubbies Big Hugs DVD

The Teletubbies Big hugs DVD is out tomorrow (Monday 27th February 2017) available from Sainsburys – but we got a sneak preview of it to see what we thought. I remember twenty years ago my oldest son watching the Teletubbies – over the hills and far away  – fascinated as the Baby in the Sun came up, the singing, the repetition, the bright colours and the famous Teletubbies language. This basic language with lots of repetition is good for child development and thinking. It is not only the sayings and concepts which are repeated – but also Tummy Tales (when a video screen appears in one of the Teletubby’s belly and we watch a video of small children): It is also great to try to guess which of the Teletubbies will be showing it next time! Although my son was disappointed in the new Teletubbies Big Hugs DVD that Dipsy didn’t get a turn!

I love that now my youngest son and niece (now almost 3 years old) can enjoy the Teletubbies (especially as it was her dad who 20 years ago managed to get hold of a Po for my son when they were so hard to get hold of!). When you have a winning formula it makes sense to keep on going with it – so there is still Tinky-Winky’s bag, Laa-Laa’s Ball, Dipsy’s hat and Po’s scooter – all the same as it was back then. Not forgetting Noo-Noo, Tubby Toast and Tubby Custard! Plus the voices, songs, and sayings are pretty much spot on to how they were back in the day. Although I did love the new addition of the Tiddly Tubbies (smaller baby Teletubbies). My youngest son liked matching the Tiddly Tubbies up with the original Teletubbies – based on their matching antennas on their heads.Teletubbies 20th Anniversary

The Teletubbies Big hugs DVD is split into six episodes and also comes with a mini-colouring pad with great illustrations of all the Teletubbies and things associated with them to colour in (great for thinking skills – which colour Teletubby is which? And fine motor).

Teletubbies The Tubby Custard Ride

We also received this wonderful push, pull and slide hard-back book (published by Egmont UK £5.99). This chunky book is great for pre-schoolers with easy to grab pieces to push, pull and slide! Written in the same great language as the show – with questions to make them think. It is also really quite a short book – so it will hold their attention.

ISBN: 978-1-4052-8596-4

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There is a Teletubbies Twitter Frenzy at 2pm Monday 27th February 2017 to celebrate the Teletubbies 20th Anniversary #Teletubbies20


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  1. Oh my goodness 20 years??? How old do I feel right now?? My sisters used to watch this but now I realise probably wasn’t even my eldest sister who is 10 years younger than me as she was probably too old, it would have been the younger two. Eek!


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