Y Glider Refresh Deluxe from Yvolution

Scooters are great and I even have one of my own. They help you to get about places, are good exercise and improve confidence as well as balance. Perfect all year round come wind, rain or shine (although admittedly easier to ride when it is sunny compared to wet and windy!). Much easier to get to grips with than a bicycle and can be used by both young and old.Y Glider Refresh Deluxe from Yvolution

About Y Glider Refresh Deluxe from Yvolution

There is now the Glider Refresh which is the brand new and improved series of the popular Y Glider scooter: They come in Deluxe and XL. The Y Glider Deluxe from Yvolution is perfect for first time riders. The self-propelling scooters allow young rides to comfortably enjoy scooting at their developmental stage, helping to develop balance, co-ordination and motor skills whilst having fun. The Y Glider Deluxe has extra wide anti-slip deck and extra wide rear wheels – helping to develop that sense of balance with a feeling of security. The Y Glider has easy grip handlebars for stability and a “lean to steer” mechanism. The patented lean-to-steer system helps encourage children to learn to steer in the correct manner and can be changed from loose to firm as the user progresses through the ranks. The Y Glider Deluxe has 3 steering levels.Y Glider Refresh Deluxe from Yvolution

The Y Glider Refresh Deluxe comes in a variety of colours and all Y Glider scooters now come with colourful wheel and deck inserts to allow a customizable scooting experience:  These come already included too -12 pieces (6 different colours, with 2 of each colour so you can have matching sides if you wish!)! They are easy to assemble and fold flat for easy storage. The Y Glider Refresh deluxe has smooth handling and is lightweight – perfect for its target audience. The lightweightness is also a bonus if you end up carrying it home from the park or preschool too! 

There is a booklet with visual instructions on putting it together, but it really is self-explanatory – clicking into place. It also includes safety advice which includes, but is not limited to, a 20kg maximum weight, not using it in traffic (Remember to teach your child not to scoot across roads but to walk them across), not for those under 3 years of age and wearing protective gear: Remember that these are some of a child’s first encounters with road safety. The beauty of the Y Glider Refresh kick scooters is that they can be used both indoors and out. This means that you can let your child play indoors safely before going outside – but fear not they come with a big rear brake!


Handlebar Height: 67cm – Maximum Rider Weight: 20kg.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 28cm x 15.5cm x 67cm – Scooter Weight: 2kg.

£39.99 for ages 3+


Available from Yvolution and Mothercare



I received a Y Glider Refresh Deluxe from Yvolution for purposes of review.

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