Can I have a P Please

The Letter Learning journey brings us to the Letter P My kids love Pizza, Peas and Pasta for dinner. And of course they loved having Pudding! We have done a lot of Ps because I think there is a lot of good P words – and well mainly it’s been very disruptive with the move … Read more

P for Peacock

The Letter Learning journey brings us to the Letter P We have been making sure we make a letter to stick on the cupboard to remind us of what we’ve learnt This week we did P for Peacock Just a letter P cut out of paper Glue on some feathers and some googly eyes

Pirate Print

As part of our letter learning journey the letter P covered so many things so we covered quiet a bit as we packed and moved house. P covers Pinterest  and this is where I found this delightful idea of a Paint Pirate  handprint originally from Fun Hand Print Art We painted it all on our hand and then … Read more


Although it may well feel like it, P isn’t just for Packing it’s also for POP Bubble wrap is great isn’t it. You can POP with your fingers You can POP with your feet. You can even POP with your toys! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is part of our letter learning journey brought to you by the … Read more