Strength Training for Marathon Runners 

This Strength Training for Marathon Runners is a commissioned Guest post Unlike what popular opinion dictates, running long distances is not only about having cardiovascular endurance. Even though it’s vital, it’s not the only physical quality an athlete should have in order to be able to run marathons and achieve good results. Having strong muscles … Read more

After Jeffing a Marathon

It takes different people different amounts of time to recover from a marathon. I read to fully recover from a marathon it can take up to six months. Obviously it will be dependent on your fitness on how you trained. Plus of course how you approached the marathon itself. Jeffing is thought to lessen the … Read more

Tapering a Week to go until the Marathon

Sunday the last long run before the Marathon With one week to go until the Virtual London Marathon I needed to do an 8 mile long run. The Sunday runners said they were going out further than I needed. I could stop off at 8.5 miles but then I would need to get home. I … Read more

Tapering 3 Weeks Before a Marathon

Tapering is the term for slowing things down in the lead up to a race. It is in order to let your body rest and repair so it can work at its full potential on the big day. By the actual definition of the word it also means gradually. 3 Weeks to Go to the … Read more

Jeffing Training for a Marathon in a Month

Winston's Wish Running Vest

I have searched around and there’s no posts on training for a marathon in a month, even jeffing. It just isn’t recommended. In fact the jeffing marathon training in the last month says run 26 miles on that first week and then taper it down – which is no good for someone like me who … Read more