John Adams Booms Bangs Fizzes

John Adams Booms Bangs Fizzes

The thing I love most about Science is that there is something for everybody, no matter what their age, ability, gender or interests. It can help shape the future and explain our pasts. Touching so many parts of our lives I feel it is important that children also develop a passion for it. If not … Read more

Science Experiment: Sink or Float #MotivationalMonday

Following on from our previous experiment about Germination, we decided to investigate whether things would float or sink. My little boy just going into Year 1 is very bright and inquisitive and just kept asking about things. I thought it would be a great way to see how much they learned and remembered from the … Read more

The Science Experiment – Germination #KidsGrowWild challenge

The Science Experiment – Germination is one that can be done with young children. Not only does it teach them about growing things but it is also a great way of introducing them to the scientific method. This includes key words associated with them. It is all too easy to allow older children just to … Read more