John Adams Booms Bangs Fizzes

The thing I love most about Science is that there is something for everybody, no matter what their age, ability, gender or interests. It can help shape the future and explain our pasts. Touching so many parts of our lives I feel it is important that children also develop a passion for it. If not all of it even just a section of it:

  • Biology – Study of living organisms; the plants and animals of a particular area
  • The Weather – The state of the atmosphere at a place and times as regads heat, cloudiness, dryness, sunshine, wind and rain.
  • Astronomy – Study of celestial bodies
  • Chemistry – The study of the elements, the compounds they form and the reactions they undergo.
  • Physics – The science dealing with the properties of matter and energy.
  • Geology – The study of the Earth including composition, structure and origin of its rocks and the geological features of a district.
  • Social Sciences – Scientific methods used to understand society.

John Adams Booms Bangs Fizzes

The John Adams Booms Bangs Fizzes set includes 12 fun experiments that are explosive, messy – Science that is a real blast! All can be done in your own home (well some is so messy and/or explosive that it is best to get outside!) Best of all the science is explained too – why things explode, froth and make loud noises.

The Kit Contains:

Goggles, Cone, Shaped Lid, Loading Tube, Rock Salt, Needle Valve, Valve Tube, Bung, Rocket Legs, Film Canister and Lid, Round and Rocket Balloons, Straws, Nylon Thread, Jet Engine Decoration Sheet, Red Colouring Powder, Volcano, Lighting Aluminium Tray and Styrene Sheet, Bicarbonate of Soda, Syringe, Nose Cones and Instruction leaflet.contents

Each of the items is numbered in the booklet and explained. The red colouring powder requires water to make it up – but it is explained how to do this in the book.

Additional Items Required but NOT Included:

Water, a tall bowl, soluble indigestion tablet, sticky tape, a bicycle pump, fizzy drink, lemon juice and vinegar.

The information booklet starts with a warning. It advises that the Science Kit is for those ages 8 and over with supervision, and that as children vary in development even at the same age then it is up to the supervisor’s discretion as to what they require help with. There is then some First Aid Information and Safety Rules. This can be read as the child excitedly unboxes the well packaged parts and puts on their goggles. There is then an introduction for the children – reminding them how they need to be safe – but to have fun.John Adams Booms Bangs Fizzes
Experiments that can be done Indoors

  • Jet Engine Balloon Screamer – explaining Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion: That every action (force) has an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Erupting Underwater Volcano – How the chemicals mix together and react – and how carbon dioxide gas is created.
  • Paper Banger – Air and sounds.
  • Indoor lighting – electrons.
  • Mad Fizzing Potions 1 – reactions.
  • Mad Fizzing Potions 2 – reactions.John Adams Booms Bangs Fizzes

Experiments Best Done OUTSIDE

  • Film Canister Rocket – Teaches children about bases for neutralising acids. How they react when wet to make a carbon dioxide gas.
  • Bike Pump Rocket Ship – More about Newton – and gravity and space.
  • Confetti Shower Explosion – A messy demonstration of how a rocket engine works. It also covers forces.
  • Exploding Lunch Bag – Chemical reactions, formation of the gas carbon dioxide and explosions.
  • Water Bombs – How paper is strong enough to hold water – but if thrown the properties change and the water explodes out.
  • Rock Salt Depth Charge – Carbonation and forces.

Thoughts on John Adams Booms Bangs Fizzes

All in all I think that this is a great Science kit for kids. What I really like about it is the fact that it explains WHY things happen, as well as all the all-important safety advice. My son loved the fact that it came with goggles – but a white lab coat would have been a welcome addition (although I appreciate that this would bump the price up). I like how there are experiments that you can get started with straight from the box, and that items are easily replaced once they have run out. I liked how the instructions were straight-forward and child friendly. However, I found it frustrating that more items are required other than those mentioned on the outside of the box: Such as the bowl taller than the volcano, which I struggled to find something suitable. Also not mentioned on the box is the amount of experiments it is advised to do outside. Plus I think some of the experiments would need to be done very quickly – so therefore could go wrong for children and be frustrating. I really like the packaging – especially as the box suggests that this product is for both boys and girls – as both are repeatedly pictured on the outside. I also thought that the kit was good for other basic developmental skills – such as undoing containers, measuring, pouring etc. All in all this is a great kit for teaching children about science, and especially a great way to spend some quality time outdoors.John Adams Booms Bangs Fizzes

£24.82 from Tesco Direct

Only £6.69 with Amazon Prime


I received a free John Adams Booms Bangs Fizzes Science Kit for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own.

2 thoughts on “John Adams Booms Bangs Fizzes”

  1. Oh, I love the sound of this! I’m a bit of a closet science geek, especially when things go bang! I can’t wait until my children are old enough to be used as an excuse for me to have one of these!x

  2. I find that anything that bangs, fizzles or has great colors always interests kids. Chemistry experiments are fun! We haven’t tried this particular kit but looks like a good one.


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