Marvin’s Magic Pens: Amaze & Astonish with This Superb Screen-Free Entertainment [AD]

Marvin's Magic Pens

I was gifted Marvin’s Magic 25 Amazing Magic Pens When trying to encourage the tween and teens to a bit of screen free entertainment then a bit of magic really helps. What better way than with magic pens with amazing powers! Created by leading magician Marvin Berglas and his awesome team at Marvin’s Magic! About … Read more

Maddie & Sayara

women's rights

No two people experience life the same but through the story of Maddie & Sayara Sanjyot P. Dunung shows just how different that can be depending on who you are and where you are born. A story of fate and hope, this activist fiction is a real opener and an inspirational story for people to … Read more