Tapering a Week to go until the Marathon

Sunday the last long run before the Marathon With one week to go until the Virtual London Marathon I needed to do an 8 mile long run. The Sunday runners said they were going out further than I needed. I could stop off at 8.5 miles but then I would need to get home. I … Read more

Tapering 3 Weeks Before a Marathon

Tapering is the term for slowing things down in the lead up to a race. It is in order to let your body rest and repair so it can work at its full potential on the big day. By the actual definition of the word it also means gradually. 3 Weeks to Go to the … Read more

Half Marathon Training Tapering Easter Holidays

idrobike aqua spin

Heading closer to the Half Marathon big day and feeling more nervous. Really wanting to put in the extra mileage but actually hurting so much that I have been worried about running at all! It is now that I am fearing that I won’t make it. Worrying whether it is advisable to switch which trainers … Read more