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 Thank you for all joining in again last week, and all the supportive comments, it means a lot. This week I’m off to London to the Toy Fair and I’m also going to an exciting Project Launch Breakfast Briefing on Thursday. This of course means I will not be around on my blog or at home. So this week I’ve been focusing on what helps keep me motivated – and for me it is my family (and friends).

Motivational Monday

I keep going because I want to be the best I can for my family. Whether that’s keeping healthy so that I’m in a better mood for them, less likely to get ill (and be taken away from them), or just to lead by example. That if I feel like giving up then I remember what good I can do. I’ve been trying to help my son develop through play. He loves Batman and this colouring exercise really helps with his fine motor development.

Find colouring pages over on Kiddy Charts

Motivational Monday

On Wednesdays I have a little bit of time with just me and my youngest. So I have been setting up invitations to play. This time I had no agenda other than to let his imagination run wild. I  have to say that the dinosaurs didn’t keep his attention as much as the make-up and I’m wondering if it is because it wasn’t wet play.

Motivational Monday

The boys have got into a bad habit of playing computer games most nights after school (as rewards for doing well at their after school clubs), I decided that this had to stop and wanted to help them develop some team building skills. So out came the Playdough. Did you take part in the Screen free day?

Screen Free Day Sunday 19th January 2014

Motivational Monday

Again this is good development for my youngest’s hands, and fine motor development.

Motivational Monday

Another way to keep motivated is by seeing that what I am doing is motivating others. Both me and my husband have been making more effort with our children. There’s nothing more rewarding for a child than some time with their parent in my opinion, and Dad’s are important too. It is lovely to see them getting down together reading books before bed.

We are definitely helping each other cut out take-aways (who knew we had so many, we’ve had to talk ourselves out of having one so many times, but we have done it!) And of course each one of you who is sharing your journeys with me, or just checking in and asking me how it is going – THANK YOU, your support means a lot.

Motivational Monday

Of course I’ve still been focusing on my small goals. I did have half a cup of (my husband’s) tea on Wednesday morning, a cup at my friend’s house and one at my Nan-in-laws. Saying that I have still been drinking plenty of water (it is amazing how many pints I’m  knocking back with ease a day!) and think this is what made the difference Sunday morning when I did not have a hangover! The other thing I have been focusing on is to make sure I eat lunch (my whole family already has breakfast each day). I keep meaning to meal plan but am struggling with it so thought I’d aim to shop for lunch ideas. Quick and simple ones so I do not have the excuse. I had smoked salmon leftover from Christmas (frozen) so that seemed an obvious choice, and crackers are always nice for a change. Other favourites are prawn cocktail and soup. I am also aware that I need to step up the exercise.

What quick lunch ideas do you have?

I’ve also been organising things in regards to The Gloucestershire leg of the #TeamHonkRelay with the Cubs and Beavers getting involved. Please do go and sponsor us.

blobby sport relief relay

Every Monday over on Frugal Family there’s a Money Makeover it really has motivated me to go and take a look at Gas and Electric supplier/prices – and as it turns out I’m already with the cheapest option! Great result.

How has your week been?

I’m honoured to be on RedTedArt as part of her 31DaysofLove too – do go over and take a look.

31 days of love

Motivational Monday


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