Flying Family trip to Frankfurt: The Wurst Day

Following on from our trip to Phantasialand we went to McDonalds before heading to an apartment we had hired for the night in Flomborn. One thing we are really guilty of is not eating properly – that is the same at home and away. We are too familiar with McDonalds which is all too convenient. In fact at some of the places we visited you could even order on their screens like at home, but then pay in cash at the till. We had promised the teen that we would make sure he ate proper German food whilst on this holiday and he really wanted to try Wurst (German sausages). As we were right by Frankfurt it seemed the sensible option to stop and have lunch there.euro Frankfurt

Hubby had Googled that there was a park and ride, and he really did not fancy driving and parking in another city so it seemed a sensible option. It didn’t really cost that much either. We had a wander around the shops (hurrying the boys past the ones that weren’t quite appropriate for them!) and the teen told me different words he knew like “Kino” (for cinema). I snapped some pictures of interesting things as we walked along (like a statue that had a group of tourists around snapping away as their guide told them about it!).Frankfurt statueAfter some arguing about whether I was spelling it wrong or not we went to The Best Worscht in Town – which had good reviews online. We decided to opt for meal deals and the teen ordered them in German for us. The man behind the counter kept trying to tell him to stop and spoke to us in English, but our son continued to reply to him in German. We were so proud of him. Three of us opted for curry wurst and the other two Bratwurst. These also came with chips and for a drink we were recommended the Spezi (an orange cola).wurst frankfurt family meal

We then had to eat it standing up at these benches under the shade. There was a separate glass bottle recycling facility but the boys decided to take theirs home with them. We then continued on to Lindau to our Eurocamp.

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