Is a long Ferry Journey worth it?

What could be a quick flight turned into a long journey on the Ferry over to Holland. We could have taken the Dover to Calais route and this would have meant lots of driving for my husband – and a lot of it on the other side of the road with different rules. The journey to Holland meant that we were on the Ferry from 9am-5pm making a very long day with children.


But if I was asked if I’d do it again the answer is definitely yes.


The children really enjoyed themselves – and in fact the Ferry was a big part of their excitement.

There was things for them to do and see also. Not constantly being in the car for the journey meant I was less tired when we arrived as well as my husband. The Ferry was paid for by using Tesco vouchers and I didn’t have to worry about having enough Euros for fuel/tolls on the way home.


I certainly prefer taking our car to the plane as we don’t have to be limited to what we can take.

12 thoughts on “Is a long Ferry Journey worth it?”

  1. We keep toying with the idea of going somewhere abroad with the ferry. I’d agree with you – rather the longer ferry and less driving.

  2. I am with you all the way, we did Plymouth Roscoff with the Kids earlier this year and it was a similar journey but more fun and freedom than the car or plane. A great way to travel, we were having races on top deck – and I lost! Lovely photo of the Kids with the periscope! Thanks for sharing, hope it was a fun holiday too!

  3. Sounds like.the journey was an experience in itself. I wish I didn’t get so sea sick !

    Found via Coombemill’s country kids linky 🙂 x

  4. I used to love the ferry as a kid and my 2 yo would love being a pirate for the day on one! Hope you had a good holiday? x

  5. We took the ferry to Caen this year which was a six hour trip. I was dreading it but with sea bands and travel sickness tablets I was not too bad. The sun was shining and we played on deck, enjoyed the onboard entertainment and took part in a family quiz. It was great and cut down on the driving time in Europe! x

  6. We’ve yet to take The Boy abroad because I am a chicken and am worried about vomit, noise, stress, keeping him occupied, vomit, my own vomit, cost, time and vomit. This applies to both planes and ferries, but I think ferries are preferable. You are brave!

    Popping over from Country Kids

  7. I greatly prefer sea travel to any other kind whenever possible. It’s just so nice to be out on the water with the fresh air blowing. I’m glad your kids enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing at Sweet Saturday!


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