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As the days draw shorter and wetter, more attention is played to indoor activities. I particularly like having Halloween and Christmas to get the kids excited about. Craft is perfect for keeping them entertained and/or for making those extra special cards and presents. With this in mind, this month the Motivational Monday theme changes along with the season (Fall/Halloween). Now nothing says CRAFT like RedTedArt – who now has a book published, which makes for a fantastic gift for any time of year. It is with great pleasure to introduce Halloween Lanterns RedTedArt Guest post for Motivational Monday this week – which is a craft from the book.

Halloween Lanterns RedTedArt

So lovely to be here today and to be able to share one of our favourite Halloween crafts with you. Over at Red Ted Art we adore crafting in all Seasons, but find that Autumn and the run up to Christmas are a particularly fun and nice time to craft with kids. For me it is all about cozy afternoons “in” and creating happy memories. It is about going to the park and finding pine cones and conkers and then coming home and playing and making something with them.

Book Feature: Halloween Lanterns from Jam Jars RedTedArt Guest post on Pinkoddy

Crafting with kids shouldn’t be expensive, but can still be fun and cute! All you need is a  basic craft kit (this makes for an excellent Christmas present too), some recycled bits and pieces from around the home, add some “nature items” and away you go. Lots of crafting fun.

Like these Halloween Lanterns for example from our book Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids – made from old jars and salvaged tissue paper!

Halloween Lanterns from Jam Jars RedTedArt Guest post on Pinkoddy

These jar lanterns are perfect for putting outdoors. The wind won’t get to them and your trick or treaters will know that you are expecting them.

Materials: one large jar, orange tissue paper, black paper  for details, old paint brush, scissors, watered down PVA glue or decoupage glue, tea light, a ribbon (optional), brush for applying glue

  1. Cut or tear your orange tissue paper into small pieces.
  2. Cut out your Jack O’Lantern face from your black paper. Triangles and spikey mouths are good shapes to use, but you can use your imagination.
  3. Dilute your PVA glue with water so that it reaches a milk consistency (approximately 1 part water to two parts glue should work, depending on the brand). Then, using your brush, apply to jar liberally. Note: You do not need to let the glue dry between layering.
  4. Add your tissue papers to the lantern and flatten them down. Then add another layer of glue and more tissue papers.
  5. Add one layer of the watered down PVA glue for gloss finish.
  6. Add your Jack O’Lanterns eyes and mouth and one final lay of glue.
  7. Now let your Jack O’Lantern dry.
  8. Add an optional black ribbon or similar to tidy up the jar rim if you wish.

Enjoy Halloween!

Our book contains many more ideas for Halloween, including making your own simple treat or goodie bags and adorable little Pumpkin Lanterns from Satsumas!!

About the Author: Maggy Woodley, is a crafty mum of two! She loves everything about crafts and loves nothing better to recycle and forage for craft materials –making crafts economical and fun and she loves to share these with you on her crafty blog Red Ted Art.

Author Maggy - Halloween Lanterns from Jam Jars RedTedArt Guest post on PinkoddyMaggy also writes at Life at The Zoo for all sorts of things including cooking with kids and Theatre Books and Movies for well, theatres, books and movies! Maggy’s craft site, Red Ted Art, is also now being translated into German and Russian if you are keen to flex your language skills!!

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  1. A great idea-I will be trying that this week. I’m assuming that orange colours generally will work because we have orange paper and sweet wrappers too, just not tissue paper! Both mine will enjoy this, thanks,

  2. I love autumn and all the crafts we can do together. I have just bought the red ted art book, think I might be having a go at those lanterns, they look great.

  3. Such a fabulous idea – I love doing crafty things with POD. Always a challenge with a toddler and a dicky wrist though!


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