Legoland Windsor Halloween 2013 #Review

Legoland Windsor Halloween 2013

My boys love love Lego and so naturally that was where my son wanted to visit for his birthday. We had previously visited for their Halloween and fireworks display and so I offered to share what Legoland Windsor 2013 had to offer, in return for tickets into the park (and a review of our day).

Legoland Windsor make a birthday special
My birthday boy was given a free birthday badge and had his birthday announced on the board. All staff wished him Happy Birthday.

Legoland Windsor 2013 – The Dinosaurs

You can never spend too much time at Legoland Windsor as there’s just so much to do! Regular readers will note that I’m a little fond of dinosaurs – so we weren’t in the park long before I spotted these guys (shh don’t tell me they are meant to be dragons ok!)


and some more – we loved how if you get close up you can see that it is made out of Lego!


Even dinosaurs in the park!!!


And of course the Dinosaur Safari ride is a must see for all those dino fans


Legoland Windsor New for 2013 – 4D Movie Experience Lego Chima

 Of course then there’s the new stuff!

This 4D Movie had a lot to live up to, I have watched an awful lot of 4D films of late, and have a good 3D tv with surround sound at home – so I am NOT easily impressed. We were lucky in that we timed it perfectly and were right at the front of the queue (also good for my youngest). We had the pick of the seats so went for the ones that looked the wettest (near the front middle). I was amazed the moment I sat down – the screen just seemed so big, and the atmosphere was great (wooden like benches and blue lights around us). Without wanting to spoil it I would suggest that the Legoland Windsor 4D Movie experience is one not to miss – but if you don’t want to get wet then do sit in the dry seats!!! One things I will give away is the fact that the use of fire was incredible!

Legoland Widnsor review

Legoland Windsor New for 2013 – DUPLO Valley

duplo bricks @ Legoland Windsor 2013
There are plenty of bricks around the park to keep the children entertained & building their imaginations

DUPLO Valley is good for the younger ones with Brickville – a fantastic park (home of the dinosaur above) with all manner of things to excite the children – such as fire engines, police cars and a princess castle.


Why not visit the DUPLO Theatre and catch one of three puppet shows: The Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Elves and the Shoemaker, or The Princess & the Pea.


There’s new models in the Fairy Tale Brook, & why not visit DUPLO Valley Airport and DUPLO train.


We happened to pick a time that was not very warm so we did not end up changing the children into their swimwear, however, the Splash Safari and Drench Towers were so amazing that the weather actually didn’t stop some brave souls from playing.

Legoland Windsor – The Lego

I know it may seem obvious but what I love about Legoland is it can offer something that no other theme park can – Lego. It really is a massive display of what you can build with Lego if you put your mind to it – really inspirational!


Buckingham Palace at Miniland Legoland Windsor
Visit Buckingham Palace

Over 40 million LEGO bricks were used to build Miniland.


There’s a new LEGO Star Wars Miniland Model Display & LEGO Star Wars Gallery – that was interactive. Was funny because the first button my husband touched it was like an alarm, and colours and sounds were going off!


The boys really enjoyed themselves in the Imagination Centre’s new Hero Factory – Build & Test. I get the feeling Father Christmas will be bringing some of those this year.

Xbox360 at Legoland Windsor
Too long away from technology – have no fear there’s an Xbox360 room

Legoland Windsor – Not to be missed


I really could go on and on but make sure you take a ride underwater on  Atlantis Submarine Voyage in Adventure Land.


And do let your children get their driving licence.

We love photos and the licences (presented as the children wanted them) were £10 each – or we could have 4 photos for £20 with a Family Value Combo – bargain!

Legoland Windsor Halloween 2013

 It will come as no surprise that Legoland Windsor 2013 has called its Halloween Brick or Treat, and runs from Saturday the 19th October to Sunday 3rd NovemberLegoland Windsor 2013 features Halloween theme games and activities, with Lego of course, and hundreds of pumpkins.

Legoland Windsor Halloween

Legoland Windsor Halloween 2013 Brick or treaters should head over to the spooky patch  transformed Enchanted Forest solve the Brick or Treat code breaker, build their own spooky Halloween Lego models and meet Frankie – the friendly bolt necked monster who will be leading the dance at the Monster Ball.
Legoland Windsor Halloween 2013

Why not get into the spirit – Legoland Windsor Halloween 2013 has prizes for the best fancy dress everyday

Legoland Windsor Halloween Fancy dress

Legoland Windsor 2013 – Fireworks

Legoland Windsor  features spectacular Lego DC Super heroes fireworks on 26th/27th October and 1/2nd November.

Do be prepared for it to be very busy, it is a popular event, and be patient in trying to leave the theme park.

Legoland Windsor Halloween 2013

Legoland Windsor Disability Guide

Regular readers will know that I have 2 disabled sons, the youngest of which we took with us. We are still awaiting a diagnosis but he has a short attention span and we think he has Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism – this makes it difficult for him to cope with queues. Legoland Windsor no longer give out ride access passes to those just in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA), they require some kind of proof that the disability does indeed affect the ability to queue. They also ask for photo identification. I took his Statement of Special Educational needs and his passport. I do not know how difficult it would have been without it but it is clearly mentioned in their downloadable guide Guests with Disabilities. Unfortunately too many people are taking advantage of these schemes and theme parks have had to take action. Legoland Windsor allow the disabled person and (up to 3) carers on 10 rides- and a ticket is taken away each time. The disabled person has a red stamp and the carers black – the disabled person must be on the ride.  We came home with 2 tickets leftover so think that 10 is plenty of rides to last a day.

This is obtained from Guest Services.

Disabilities at Legoland - Ride Access Pass

 In conclusion, we had a fantastic family day out and were surprised how late it got so quickly. I am so very impressed with how special all the staff made my son feel for his birthday and do recommend it if any one else has a child with a love of Lego and a birthday (or even without a birthday). I am very temped by the Christmas sleepover offers now and/or buying Merlin Annual Passes for Christmas. I definitely suggest getting there early and planning your day out before you arrive. Other customers in the park were complaining about the quality and price of the food, but I cannot comment as we took a picnic.


We received complimentary entry tickets in return for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and we have not been compensated in any other way.

27 thoughts on “Legoland Windsor Halloween 2013 #Review”

  1. I’ve always wondered if Legoland was designed more for boys but it looks like there is something for everyone.
    Its good to know that it is suitable for the little ones too!
    Thanks for sharing …. just need to get some tickets now x

  2. it does look amazing. we have some complimentary tickets which run out next month and we really must go because I know they boys will love it. I am so pleased your birthday boy was made such a fuss off and had a fabulous birthday there. The ride pass is a great idea too for anyone who has a disability.
    great review xx

  3. We LOVED Legoland but spent so much time on the rides we didn’t get a good look at Miniland or Star Wars so I can’t wait to go again! Pleased you had such a great day, the Fireworks sound fantastic! xx

  4. I would love to go to Legoland, probably more than the girls actually and I want to go in the duplo splash park. I keep seeing it on television and want to get in there ha. It sounds like you had an amazing time Joy and your pictures are brilliant. I love the Halloween ones x


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