Halloween Spiders Creations

I wanted to create something with the children along a Halloween theme. I started going through my craft cupboard and spiders just jumped out at me. Not literally you understand, but just everything I pulled out I just felt inspired of how we could make Halloween spiders – or friendly ones at that.

Halloween spider crafts @pinkoddy

See Halloween spiders can be made through a use of variety of circles, some eyes and some legs. If you want him scary add some fangs too. Everyone knows that spiders have eight legs right? But I am ashamed to say I did not know that they also had eight eyes! Crazy right, I’m 35 years old! But whilst looking for Halloween spiders pins I saw a picture with 8 eyes and discussed it with my very knowledgeable husband, and he set me straight. We decided to stick to 2 eyes in our Halloween spiders creations though, as it just seemed to look better. Actually that is a lie, my husband tried 8 eyes and I didn’t think it looked right.

My sensory seeker does not have a huge attention span so I started off by just letting him paint a load of resources black, at this point I wasn’t even exactly sure what we would do to make the spiders. He painted toilet roll holders, wool, cocktail sticks, paper plates, lollipop sticks – anything I thought would make good Halloween spider crafts.

Halloween spider crafts @pinkoddy

Halloween Spiders Craft Paper Plates

We simple used the black painted paper plates, and then to create our Halloween spiders we simply added some googly eyes, 8 black wool painted legs, drew on a smile with red crayon, and my son decided that he should have some hair made from string.

Halloween spider crafts @pinkoddyHalloween spider crafts @pinkoddy

Halloween Spiders Toilet Roll Holders

Whilst commenting on various blogs I had come across an octopus toilet roll holder craft on OneMummy, I had originally intended to attach pipe cleaners to a toilet roll holder but when I saw the idea to cut the tube into legs I thought it was ideal (especially as both an octopus and spider have 8 legs!).  Again we added googly eyes and drew on a smile. This time it was decided that he would have some purple hair – which was actually from Easter which I had bought to play hide and seek in.

Halloween spider crafts @pinkoddy

Halloween Spiders Scary Cocktail Sticks

To make our Halloween Spiders a bit scarier we pierced a black painted toilet roll holder with black painted cocktail sticks. This was actually quite a bit more tricky that I had anticipated, and the sticks either broke or could have been potential harmful to my son, so I helped him push them through. Again we also just added some googly eyes.

Halloween spider crafts @pinkoddy

Halloween Spiders Puppet

My son actually then played with the Halloween spiders and put two together on his arm and made a puppet. I think he could even get away with wearing them as a Halloween Spider outfit.

Halloween spider crafts @pinkoddy

Halloween Spiders – Money Spider

A slightly easier to do (less preparation) Halloween spider activity we did was to make one from chocolate coins. I like to buy bits and pieces for Christmas so that it isn’t just one big expense in December; so whilst browsing down the Christmas aisle I spotted the foil wrapped chocolate coins and thought – ah more circles! We simply added (yes you guessed it) googly eyes, and we had some bits of shiny foil (from last Christmas present wrapping) which I cut into small pieces long enough for legs, and taped them on.

Money Spider - Halloween Spider craft for kids #Pinkoddy

If you are having a party and use any of our Halloween Spiders ideas I’d love to hear about it and see some pictures. Or have you been making any spiders yourself?

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18 thoughts on “Halloween Spiders Creations”

  1. Great project !!

    I would love you to come and share @ Craft, Create & Inspire linky party !!!

    Look forward to seeing you there 🙂

    Claire x

  2. I’m always looking for craft idea. I’ve made spiders with egg cartons and pipe leaner but I love cutting the toilet roll I never thought of doing that.

  3. Genius with the penny! Ozzy is hoarding coppers at the moment – he’s love doing that – thanks for the inspiration Joy! x

  4. Ha I clicked on here hoping that they were chocolate coins! They’d make a great party favour for a Halloween party, spooky and tasty.

    Stevie x


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