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I started this month of Good Causes by helping promote my local theatre’s Panto Jack and the Beanstalk. Well they’ve helped me out with a Guest post about the Children. The children were not present at the read through and I was interested in how they fit it around school, and how much work they have to do.

Jack and the Beanstalk Roses Theatre light switch on Millie Booth and Elizabeth Christiensen
The Cast being part of the Community for the Christmas Light Switch on

The Chorus

Every year The Roses holds open auditions for young people aged 8 – 16 to have the chance of a life time to perform in the annual Christmas pantomime.

 This year saw over sixty young people from Gloucestershire and close on the borders in Herefordshire and Worcestershire come flocking to the theatre on Saturday 8 September full of both nerves and excitement as they waited in anticipation to try their very best when the time came.

Chorus panto children

Once registered and everyone was ready, the young people said goodbye to their parents as they made their way for the first time onto The Roses main stage ready for the audition process to start. After a comprehensive warm up, the auditionees had to get to grips fast with a dance routine in order to be a cut above the rest when it came down to the final decision.

 The work and concentration of the audition room however, is nothing compared to the efforts and dedication needed by the young people throughout the rehearsal process. Weeks of evenings work, that often run late into the night, followed by time off school in the run up to opening night, are merely an introduction to the commitment that follows once the show is up and running.

Chorus panto children

 Two performances a day, every other day, for a period of five weeks, with the only day off being Christmas Day is draining for the professional cast, let alone a team of young people new to the trade, experiencing their first dab at professional theatre. Yet despite their tired bodies, the rings around their eyes and the lethargy in their limbs, the show must go on, and everyone must summon up the same energy levels they had on their very first audition with all the enthusiasm that is needed to make an unbeatable performance.

 Giving young people this once in a life time opportunity is just one in a number of examples of how The Roses nurtures the young people of the community it serves. We are recognised as a flagship venue of the county as a venue who gives many sectors of the community opportunities that it they would not otherwise have.

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17 thoughts on “Children in the Theatre #Guest Post #MotivationalMonday”

  1. It sounds like such a brilliant committed group of people. Two performances a day must be quite hard work but they sound like they really love it.

  2. its so lovely that the theatre activily encourage children to join in with its productions. it must help boost their confidence no end, but must be so tiring too even if very rewarding x x

  3. Creativity is so often over-looked these days in favour of more academic pursuits (I’m saying nothing about the government’s plans to reduce vocational subjects here, *fumes*). This is a great cause to get behind and support.

  4. That’s amazing! Such a great experience and confidence boost. I did a bit of drama when i was a teenager and it was so good for building self esteem and confidence.

  5. I am one of those incredibly proud Mums – my 9 year old daughter was in Jack this year – her first ever panto. It is such an amazing experience for them. Yes, they get tired (not that she’d admit it) but it is totally outweighed by the adrenalin highs and thrill of working with professional actors and crew.
    Often overlooked in reviews, thank you for taking the time to mention them – I am currently printing off as much as I can from the web to go in a scrapbook about the experience and she will be so pleased that you took the time to think of her. The run is 8 weeks including daily rehearsals for 3 weeks and going back to school feels a little bit strange!


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