Constellations, Hugless Douglas & Kidnapped at The Roses Theatre


The power of dance is amazing. I know that my Sensory Seeker has been having dance lessons at school and he has learnt so much from them including listening skills, patience and movement. But it is much more than that and this is why I was pleased to hear that Acraladanza’s magical dance theatre show about Constellations performed by MOKO Dance was coming to The Roses Theatre. Suitable for those ages 4+, families and schools.

MOKO Dance is more than a dance show with a range of linked arts and crafts before and after the performances for family shows. Aiming to deepen children’s understanding of the performance, to relate it to their own experiences, as well as covering many areas of the curriculum (Art & Design, Maths, English, Science and PE).


Art & Design – Patterns, Shapes and Colours, textures, lines, space, primary and secondary colours, light and dark tones.


English spoken language – listening, responding appropriately, ask relevant questions, build their vocabulary, justify answers, arguments and opinions, give well-structured descriptions, explanations and narratives for different purposes, including for expressive feelings, clear speaking and listening, staying on topic, role play, consider different viewpoints, storytelling, positional language, connectives, starter sentences.Constellations

Maths – read and write numbers 1-20 in numerals and words, support up to 100 with words and pictorial support; problem solving, adding, more than, fewer than, altogether, take away, difference between; shapes, sides and surfaces, dimensions, geometry – properties of shapes, position and direction; statistics.


Science – forces, friction, gravity, identifying and classifying, gathering and recording data, light and dark, observations.

Physical Education – running, jumping, throwing, catching, bouncing, balancing, team work.


Constellations is at the Roses Theatre on Tuesday June 17th at 1:30pm and 6:30pm and is 55 minutes long. Tickets cost £10 for Adults, £6.50 for Children, Family tickets are £28 (4 people, max. 2 adults). Schools £5. Constellations is then moving onto Peterborough, Canterbury and Ipswich for full details visit

The Roses Theatre have a special offer to see Constellations for one £2.50 a ticket when you also buy tickets to see Hugless Douglas showing on Thursday May 29th at 11:30am and 2:30pm. Based on the book by bestselling author David Melling, Hugless Douglas is a huggable lovable young brown bear who wakes up one morning in need of a hug. Brought to life with an irresistible blend of music, puppetry and high energy story telling it is most suited to those ages 3-7 years.

Hugless Douglass

My ten year old son has had a hard week with his SATs. He has done not only the level 5s but level 6s in Maths and Reading. So this Saturday we are going to have some time together just me and him watching Kidnapped.This is the story of Davie Balfour as he survives a shipwreck and attempted murder. After the show there is a free stage tour, meet the cast, and have any questions answered about the set, props, and puppetry. Saturday May 17th 2:30pm. Tickets £10, £8.50 concessions and families (max of 4).


My children and I are being admitted to this shows for free in order to give my honest opinions on them. No financial compensation has been given and all thoughts are my own.

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